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Normally Protracer’s proprietary tracking technology is used either live or in replays. This was the fi rst time it was used in ultra slow motion replay, which provided an entirely new viewer experience and broadcasting opportunity. Protracer CEO Daniel Forsgren said “We are very excited to be combining these two popular and powerful technologies and think it can further enhance golf broadcasting. With the Antelope Pico camera the image will be sharp even when viewing a player’s swing in ultra slow motion. Couple that with being able to see the exact ball fl ight with Protracer and we provide broadcasters and TV commentators with a great tool to analyse swings and explain to the audience the cause and effect of the shot.” Handball Final with the Pico The European Handball Federation’s recent Final Four Champions League in Germany was televised by the German Wige Group and enhanced by using the Polecam Antelope Pico camera as well as several of the larger LMC Antelope MkIIs cameras. The ultra slow motion camera systems integrated seamlessly into Wige’s 16 camera OB setup, providing both live and replay images not just of the sport action, but also the emotion from the players and spectators. Are you looking for an inexpensive, bookable, Ka band satellite uplink? Either on or off Polecam, there are clearly many new as yet undiscovered opportunities for this small advanced technology camera system. See Steffan from Polecam at IBC with the Pico Europasat NewsSpotter satellite broadband dedicated services for broadcasters could be the answer. Call +44 (0)1869 356 166 Email C477-es-A5-advert-AW.indd 1 TV-BAY094OCT14 v118.indd 67 21/05/2014 17:18 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 94 OCTOBER 2014 | 67 07/10/2014 15:42