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a quality piece of kit and is plug and play, no setup required. I want to ensure you that this is not a DJI sponsored article, however, I am recommending their kit a lot, as, for the novice and start-up fl yer, everything just works and works well. So we have our camera on a gimbal and the shots coming back are looking good. However you have no real idea what you are pointing the camera at while you are fl ying. This is where you need a video downlink system. DJI have just released their light bridge system, but it’s expensive and really too big for a phantom, it works great, but let’s look at a cheaper option. Our GoPro’s are recoding HD, or now possibly 4k, but we don’t need to view in HD to frame the picture. An SD feed will be fi ne. So we need to attach a small transmitter to the aircraft to send down a video signal to a monitor. There are a number of these available but the most popular are the immersion RC transmitters. These are very small units and work perfectly with the Zenmuse gimbal and Phantom 2. They come in a number of powers, but note that in the UK you can’t go over 200mw. 200mw is a bit feeble and the 600mw version seems to be the most popular as it produces a much more solid image, however I cannot recommend that you get one of these as it’s not legal. With this installed you need a monitor to view the image and the Black Pear 7” monitor is great. Amazing quality screen with built in diversity receivers. Even has a built in rechargeable battery. Now with this setup you can see what your camera sees. The only other item I would recommend is some kind of OSD. OSD stand for On Screen Display, we are talking the same sort of display you see in a fi ghter plane. Why would you need one of these? Well for a number of reasons, 1. it shows you your height, and this is important when flying low, as is can be hard to judge by looking at the monitor or aircraft. different props, you name it. Once you have the bug as with anything like this, it can get very expensive. 2. it shows your way home, again when up in the air and looking at the mojito it can be difficult to know which direction is home, and... Here are some links to the kit I have mentioned in this article. If you have any questions feel free to tweet me @jpratchett or email 3. it shows your battery power! Unlike a remote control car or boat which simply rolls or glides to a stop, if the battery fails on the aircraft it falls out of the sky, not good. DJI again do a small OSD that is plug and play so I would always recommend you have this installed. This is just a recommendation of a basic setup that will give you excellent results. Just look at Philip Bloom’s video he shot in Thailand. This was shot with the same setup as i have been suggesting. DJI Phantom 2: Zenmuse 3 axis gimbal: IOSD mini: ImmersionRC video transmitter: Black Pearl Monitor: There are lot of other things you could look at, like upgraded controllers, PROPER UAV. | | 01494 523636 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 94 OCTOBER 2014 | 59 TV-BAY094OCT14 v118.indd 59 07/10/2014 15:42