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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER Playout AJA Video Systems has announced that the Corvid 88, Corvid 22 and Corvid video and audio I/O cards for developers will be supported in PlayBox Technology’s AirBox playout server. “We provide turnkey broadcast solutions to television networks around the world, and many of our customers and integrators have been requesting AJA support in our popular Channel-in-a-Box,” said PlayBox chief technology offi cer Stanislav Petkov. “We currently have AJA’s Corvid cards working with AirBox to deliver multi-channel, high-density video and audio I/O, and look forward to bringing this to our customers, further extending their premiere hardware options when working with our products.” Video delivery Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners is looking to take an equity stake in Thomson Video Networks. Working in conjunction with the company’s management team the private equity fi rm is in talks with Fonds de Consolidation & Développement des Entreprises (FCDE), which counts Thomson among its portfolio of companies. Christophe Delahousse, president of Thomson Video Networks said: “We would be delighted to work with this new partner to continue advancing state-of-the-art broadcast and multi- screen OTT services and driving the compression and video quality requirements of every device.” Streaming PESA used IBC to showcase PESA Live, its new streaming app. The Android and iOS compatible application allows users to manage their own viewing experience during a sporting, music or other event, providing access to multiple live cameras and fully synchronized audio. Logos and other branding can be added to the video, and revenue generating ad insertion capabilities allow for targeted advertising and messaging. Content distribution options include local Wi-Fi or publishing to a content distribution network (CDN). “PESA Live works in conjunction with our PESA Xstream C58 streaming appliance to provide an affordable way to enhance a live event with personalized video selection,” said John Naylor, vice president, global sales and distribution, streaming products. See what they had to say at IBC… 34 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 94 OCTOBER 2014 TV-BAY094OCT14 v118.indd 34 07/10/2014 15:38