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a target must be met in order for the project to get all of its funding. That means if your target is £5000 and only £4950 is met by pledgers unfortunately a project is deemed unsuccessful and all money will be given back to its original pledgers. These rules and regulations can be found on the crowdsourcing websites and do need to be abided by. The pitch you give is vital to how you come across to your pledgers, a badly shot and poor quality video is not going to sit well with those whom you are seeking funding, so be sure to plan and prepare your pitch carefully. A campaign lasts approximately 60 days depending on the crowdsourcing site used, alongside this rewards for pledgers are usually offered to give back a little piece of what they are investing in to. If crowdsourcing is something that you are planning on doing then tweet the team @ editorskeys or @tvbay, we’d love to hear about your ideas and we’re happy to offer advice and tips surrounding potential campaigns. Good luck! Need Help? Call us: +44(0)1932 240 204 | .tv Ingest & Transmission | Graphics & Effects | Editing | DVE & Character Gen | Film and DI | Router / Switcher | Wireless Link | Robotics | MultiViewer Signal Generators | VTR | Web Streaming | Test & Measure | Camera Equipment | Audio Equipment | Signal Processors | Vision Mixers | Monitors Ingest & Transmission Graphics & Effects Editing DVE & Character Gen Film & DI Router / Switcher Robotics Multiviewer Signal Generators VTRs Web Streaming Test & Measurement Camera Equipment Audio Equipment Signal Processing Vision Mixers Monitors Wireless Link