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TECHNOLOGY Product Spotlight The changing face of on-camera LED Lighting IBC 2014, Europe’s largest and most anticipated Broadcast show will see the launch of the latest evolution of on-camera LED Lighting systems, in the form of the ROTOLIGHT NEO. IBC has previously seen the launch of the Multi-Award winning Rotolight RL48 Ring light, Rotolight ANOVA and Rotolight Magic Eye and the Pinewood Studios based company will be using IBC’s stage to premiere their latest revolutionary lighting system in Hall 11 Stand D-69. We sat down with Rod Aaron Gammons, Managing Director of Rotolight, to fi nd out more about the Rotolight NEO, before it’s big launch and see why it’s set to change the face of on-camera LED Lighting for Broadcasters, Cinematographers and Photographers. Q. Tell us about the Rotolight NEO A. The Rotolight NEO is an extremely exciting product that will feature Bi-Colour LED lighting technology with best in class colour rendering, Neo will be the world’s fi rst on-camera lighting system with accurate electronic Colour temperature display (CCT) to enable fast, tunable colour on location. The ‘Neo’ will also deliver a high output of 900 lux at 3 feet (twice that of competing LED on camera lights), whilst providing a gorgeous soft light source, along with industry leading on-camera battery performance and Rotolight’s signature ‘Ring-light’ Effect. Q. What are the advantages of the Rotolight NEO? A. Neo builds on Rotolight’s multi-award winning LED technology which is used by leading broadcasters, fi lmmakers and professional photographers the world over including BBC, NBC, CNN, Disney and ITV to name a few. Providing a highly versatile solution for run-and-gun news shooters, fi lmmakers or still photographers, it will be easy to use and fast to set up and great on location or in a studio. NEO’s 120 LED’s offer full spectrum colour reproduction with an overall CRI=95 (Skin tone>98) and can be accurately dialed from 3150K to 6300K in ten degree Kelvin steps. Featuring an intuitive dual rotary encoder control system for rapid brightness and colour temperature adjustment in the fi eld, and Rotolight’s ‘Dynamic Drift Compensation’ for smooth dimming from 0%-100% with no colour shift. Last but not least the Neo is extremely power effi cient and versatile in terms of power management, it can be powered by 6 x AA batteries for up 80 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 93 SEPTEMBER 2014 to 5 hours (or 3 hours at 100% power), by AC adapter or D-TAP cable, drawing only 9W at full power! Q. How did the Rotolight NEO come about? A. The Rotolight Neo was developed at Pinewood Studios UK, after years of extensive feedback from leading cinematographers and photographers around the world as to what they would most like to see in the next generation on camera light for professional television, fi lm and photographic use. From that feedback the Rotolight ‘Neo’ was born, and it delivers never before seen technology in a truly unique versatile, highly portable package, that is proudly designed and manufactured in the UK using local suppliers, ensuring quality and excellent service. Q. When is the NEO available and what will it offer? A. The Rotolight Neo will be available in early 2015 as a single or multi light kit, including a 360º ball swivel for versatile lighting, mountable on a hot-shoe or lighting stand/ tripod, and will feature a 10 piece Location Filter Pack with diffusion, skin tone and creative FX fi lters. Retail price will start at just £249.99 ex. VAT and will be available to pre- order at IBC 2014, Hall 11 Stand D-69 and at Photokina Hall 04.1 Stand G-042. Rod Aaron Gammons and the team will be at IBC 2014 showcasing the revolutionary Rotolight NEO and range of on-camera, studio and location LED lighting systems for photography, videography, broadcast and cinematography. Rotolight’s products have been used on major features including James Bond “Skyfall”, ‘Captain Phillips’ (Dir. Paul Greengrass, DoP. Barry Ackroyd BSC), and have won over 13 major industry awards across the globe.