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architecture. It’s an elegant and painless way to implement such a system that a great many broadcasters around the world are increasingly beginning to appreciate. latency and reliability. We long ago found ways around these issues, which we have implemented, but some potential users are still sceptical. They shouldn’t be. Although integrated digital media networks are becoming increasingly popular, some broadcasters are still reluctant to risk using a single network for audio, video, talkback and control and prefer, for example, to keep talkback on a separate IP network, which separates critical commentary and intercom feeds. This is in part because, despite the demonstrable advantages, there is still some lingering resistance related to the perception of IP issues around Intercom systems are more important than ever, ironically because fewer people need to use them, which actually makes reliable communication more critical. For those wishing to take a bigger part in the overall trend toward a smaller workforce and increased integration, a great way to achieve both is through an IP-based distributed matrix comms system.