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conceptualize a company. Pepsi has been heavily criticized for making such a misstep, as they have redone their logo over ten times since their inception. This strategy is questionable at best in terms of building loyalty and identity, especially when you consider that Coca-Cola, Pepsi’s number one rival, has undergone absolutely minimal adjustments. This scenario calls to mind “If it’s not broke, don’t fi x “ • A rebrand should be a strategic shift within your organization, not just an update to your logo. In 2004, GE adjusted their messaging from “We bring good things to life” to “Imagination at work”, accompanied by a new logo. This change was congruous with their continued corporate focus on innovation and progress, and has been regarded as an effective change. Use this success story as a guideline for evoking change in your organisation. If you’re planning on rebranding for aesthetics and have no intention of shifting your business to align with that new identity, reassess the actual necessity and intention of the change. An effective rebranding initiative requires thorough research into competition, customer goals, brand perceptions, and product capabilities. Before making the decision to alter a major component of your company (whether it’s the name, logo, product, or messaging) take care to ensure the shift will actually provide value and an improved experience for customers. A recent example in the TV world can be seen at ITV, who have undergone a complete revamp of their brand with mixed reception. I personally think it works and has refreshed their image in a saturated market but the channel has not changed its message so was it all worth it. More 4 I think has had a more powerful change in its look with refreshingly new idents built off the back of the traditional Channel 4 logo. Last but not least I think if you get your branding right no matter how obscure it works. Take for instance DAVE. Can you imagine the look on faces at the original channel marketing strategy meeting when some bright spark came up with the name, but then if you dig deeper and look at target market etc. etc. it ends up almost perfectly positioned. Which fi nally brings me around to calling a fi nance company Azule. Well that’s all another story for another time. If you would like to know more about Azule and or other recent articles visit TRADE UP OFFER EXPIRES 30TH SEPTEMBER TO A BETTER MIX Get a great trade-in price on your old monitors when you upgrade to the Genelec 8000 Series. FANTASTIC TRADE-IN OFFERS AT GENELEC DEALERS NOW Model Trade-In Price You Save 8010A Typical Street Price £478 £358 £120 8020C £638 £518 £120 8030B £938 £738 £200 8040B £1,538 £1,198 £340 8050B £2,498 £1,938 £560 All prices per pair, inclusive of VAT With a neutral frequency response, a wide sweet spot, workhorse reliability and the ability to adapt easily to any listening environment, Genelec monitors provide the accuracy and confidence you need to make the right decisions during tracking and mixing. Now, for a limited time, you can trade in your old monitor speakers (any brand, any condition - as long as they work!) and receive a great fixed price discount. Offer available July 1st - September 30th, 2014. Offer not dependent on trade-in speaker value or condition. Other conditions apply. UK distribution by Source • #40810 - Genelec Trade In Ad Half - TV Bay.indd 1 30/06/2014 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 93 SEPTEMBER 2014 15:35 37 |