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TECHNOLOGY beautiful looking pictures but if the audio is poor you’re not going get anywhere near that cinematic feel. We had several questions from viewers asking whether shooting cinematically was about getting it right in the camera or in post?  Of course it starts in the camera, both Den and Philip shoot flat so they can hold on to the highlights and shadows and have more creative options in post.  For those of us with no experience with colour grading it’s going to be hard at first when shooting flat and the advice is to experiment with it.  The advice was if you have a scene that has a particularly bright range of shadows to highlights and you want to retain them, then play around with different gammas, shoot the same scene in different settings and see what you can do with each, Philip suggested that trying to make them all look the same in post is a good exercise to try.  So onto advice on choosing a camera, for Phillip “It’s the right tool for the right job, there is no one camera that’s going to be perfect for everything. You can make a camera work for everything, but it can be a right pain to do that, it should be about making your life easy.”  Den says “I think with the price of camcorders coming down so much the modern shooter should have more than one camera”.  But the big advice was whatever camera you choose to buy or hire make sure you know it inside out before taking it on a shoot.  I’ve witnessed shoots where the camera op or DOP doesn’t know their camera and it’s not a pretty sight (and neither were the rushes!)  When asked what the single most essential bit of kit was when shooting both answered a good tripod.  Philip said “Spend money on a good tripod and it will see you through”  with Den adding that a foldable 5 in one reflector 34 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 93 SEPTEMBER 2014 was also essential, “If you’ve got nothing else, you can bounce light from almost anywhere” Of course there was plenty of discussion around 4K and particularly using 4K in an HD world.  Philip likes to shoot his interviews in 4K because it gives him the advantage of being able to shoot with one camera, he then has the ability in an HD timeline to reframe from wide angle shots to various sizes of tighter shots in post.  I think when the soon to be released Atomos Shogun is coupled with the A7s it’s going to be a very attractive package for those looking to add affordable 4K capabilities to their productions and follow his lead on shooting interviews in 4K.  And with a few more quick fire questions from our viewers our hour was up.  An hour which had been packed full with expert advice from Dan and Philip which you can watch in full on the Sony website.    And my final thoughts on shooting cinematically?  Well it’s very much like beauty, and they tell me that’s in the eye of the beholder.  Like many things in our industry there is no official right way to do something, there are instead many interesting, creative and dynamic ways to approach a project.  It comes down to hard work, practice and a real passion for your craft, if we all did it the same way our films would look pretty much the same and that would just be plain boring. Happy shooting, whichever way you’re approaching it. products-shooting-cinematically-webinar