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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT C ompany mergers can be no fun. Staff panic about ‘efficiencies’ and therefore their jobs. The press speculates about ‘what really happened?’ And there are always lawyers involved. And no one likes that. When DiGiCo revealed that it would merge with fellow audio console manufacturers Calrec and Allen & Heath, following a buy-out by Electra Partners, which now owns a majority stake in all three, there was no such furore. Well, not publically at least. DiGiCo managing director James Gordon will become chief executive of the thus-far unnamed group, while the current chairman of Allen & Heath and Calrec, Malcolm Miller, takes on the role of chairman. For now it is simply “business as usual” we are told and “imperative that each company maintains its own independence and style”. But Gordon is said to have “bold plans for the group” around sharing technology and resources across the group and allowing some interconnectivity across the product lines. It will certainly be an impressive R&D set-up if all three work together. And that’s the key: work together. Hopefully this merger signals the beginning of a new era of interoperability between the brands. But like most mergers, the success of this marriage may have nothing to do with technological. The nuts and bolts can be made to work in harmony. But can the cultures of the companies? Like any change, big or small, people are likely to be the ones most affected. Post Production Quantel’s Genetic Engineering 2 (GE2) will make its European debut at IBC (7.A20). GE2 is Quantel’s shared storage solution for post that delivers improved flexibility, performance and productivity for the Pablo Rio colour and finishing system users. GE2 was used for 4k coverage of the 2014 football World Cup, producing 4K 60p highlights packages for Sony and FIFA. World Cup demos will be available on the stand. Forbidden Technologies has integrated its cloud video platform Forscene with Timecode Systems Limited’s Timecode Buddy via the MovieSlate iOS application. Timecode Buddy system allows users to generate, sync, and share accurate timecodes and metadata wirelessly over RF or Wi-Fi networks. The integration brings the three technologies together to allow people to insert metadata notes and media into a logging and editing system. PL AS A MADI • Converters • Routers • Auto-switchers • SRCs and... ANDIAMO.MC high quality 32ch mic pre-amp and A to D B0 2 01296 681313 12 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 93 SEPTEMBER 2014