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is designed to connect up to 4 cameras. Cool, but another bit of kit to buy. There is no way of doing a white balance unless you use the Blackmagic software interface controlled from an ATEM system. It’s some great software - you basically have DaVinci colour correction built in, but when you just want to do a quick white balance in a small studio, and you only have one camera - it seems like a bit of a hassle. The iris button is only an auto-iris ‘take’ button and does not allow you change of iris when using MFT lenses, and there is no compatibility with a CCU - you have to use ATEM kit. The Studio Camera has an MFT lens mount. The Panasonic lens we had worked well but required a refocus after manually zooming. Powered zoom MFT lenses get a bit more expensive, and using B4 lenses via an adaptor as Blackmagic suggest results in a crop factor, so may mean stepping backwards a bit! The body has multiple mounting points which I found really useful - attaching a teleprompter and radio mic pack was no problem. There are two mounting points on the base - it would also be easy to switch between a tripod and studio pedestal. An unexpected discovery was an internal power source. Accidentally powering up the camera when it wasn’t attached to the mains was a surprise. (Maybe we should have read the spec sheet!) So when we repositioned the camera out of reach of the attached mains we could keep rolling. A feature that you may not seek in a studio camera solution but could be a useful feature. The cost and portability of this camera are neat features. If you’ve already got an ATEM system, these will be a nice addition to your studio and would definitely work well together as part of a multi-camera studio. If you want to find out more about the Blackmagic Studio Camera, then take a look at the tv-bay site for a video covering its release at NAB: NAB_2014_33/clip/Blackmagic_ Studio_Camera_at_NAB2014__695 Mark is an editor for tv-bay, and works at Wildseed Studios as a Production Manager in Bristol. Come and see us at Hall 11 Stand F41 Reality Shows | Danger Zones | Big Screen Feeds Congress Centres | Wildlife | Underwater Concerts & Tours | Sport | News Also exhibiting with us this year… BlackcamSystem TV-BAY092AUG14.indd 67 +44 (0)1590 622 440 08/08/2014 15:29