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pain (de-rig the tablet, turn mirror mode off, make the changes, re-mirror and re-rig) but these software tools are either free or cheap and when combined with professional rigging provide prompting where prompting has not been before! We recommend the Pico Prompt App for Apple devices which at £14.99 from the Apple Store and when combined with Teleprompter Techniques’ i-scroll and i-glue devices you have a scrolling functionality that you would expect to have on conventional device and means that the Presenter is in control of the script rather than vice versa (which is never a good idea). Who’s using these types of devices? Well frankly everyone! We have sold and rented into BBC and ITV for use on household name shows with tablets not replacing existing studio infrastructure but adding production value for location based programmes or inserts that previously would not have had considered using prompting at all and this is as equally true for the freelance cameraman who is shooting a mix of Broadcast and Corporate commissions and can now provide production value through prompting where it had not been financially justifiable before. Other growing sectors in the UK include the Education Market, the ever increasing online production markets (online channels like Football Clubs), the growing You Tube and Vimeo Social Media programme makers and the new Local TV Channels. The Interrotron - What is it? Photos: The Voice and Sports Aid with multi camera conventional on camera prompting devices. The Interrotron allows a nervous interviewee to see the interviewer’s face instead of the camera lens whilst presenting directly to the camera. Developed by Errol Morris, a US film director, his goal was “that I could be talking to someone, and they could be talking to me and at the same TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 92 AUGUST 2014 | 59 TV-BAY092AUG14.indd 59 08/08/2014 15:29