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NEWS IBC 2014 Pixel Power Stand RAI Amsterdam Conference 11-15 September 2014 Exhibition 12-16 September 2014 7.A31 P ixel Power, the innovative supplier of broadcast graphics and playout solutions, is set to transform social media integration with the launch of Buzz at IBC 2014. Buzz is a software accessory for Pixel Powers range of graphics- based playout devices which makes it simple to scan, moderate and broadcast social media interactions. Producers everywhere recognise the importance of social media, said James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power. To be able to take what your audience is saying about you and put it on screen quickly and safely is a huge advantage. Buzz puts this at anyones fingertips. Before tweets and other audience comments can be broadcast they have to be selected to ensure only the most relevant and appropriate make it to the screen. Existing solutions to do this tend to be complex, costly and time consuming to implement. Buzz transforms this by using an integration approach and a user interface so simple that virtually no training is required. Multiple social media feeds are consolidated, and because Buzz is integrated within a Pixel Power graphics device users can accept, format and publish messages with a single click. Dejero Stand 11.C21 A ppearing for the first time at IBC2014, the Dejero LIVE+ Booster is the newest member of Dejero’s LIVE+ family of news vehicle solutions. A powerful connection and signal booster for bonded uplink transmissions, the LIVE+ Booster employs an array of up to 12 high-gain antennas mounted on the top of the vehicle. This enables mobile news crews to extend their connection reception during difficult transmission scenarios, such as transmitting from crowded areas where cellular networks are overloaded or in low- coverage areas. Shotoku Broadcast Systems A fter generating significant industry interest earlier this year, SmartTrack - Shotoku’s recently developed rail camera system – will be a central part of the company’s exhibition at IBC this year. In addition alongside the SmartTrack system will be a wide range of Shotoku’s Manual and Virtual Studio camera support systems. Stand 11.F40 SmartTrack is based on the well- established rail and elevation camera systems developed and manufactured by MAT Germany. Tightly integrating the MAT system with Shotoku’s PT heads and sophisticated control systems provides a truly unique floor or ceiling based rail camera system with integral elevator control offering exceptional performance and capability. Shotoku will also show their recently released TTH1502C 2 Stage heavy duty Carbon Fibre tripod. With its distinctive carbon weave, the support has been designed specifically to complement the company’s premium EFP head the SX300, in terms of ease of use, stability and reliability for studio and OB productions. 36 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 92 AUGUST 2014 TV-BAY092AUG14.indd 36 08/08/2014 15:28