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NEWS IBC 2014 Photon Beard Stand RAI Amsterdam Conference 11-15 September 2014 Exhibition 12-16 September 2014 11.D43 T he PhotonBeam 80 LED Floodlight, the latest professional lighting fixture by UK specialists Photon Beard, will make its European debut at IBC 2014. The company has adapted remote phosphor technology to enable the PhotonBeam 80s LED source to provide near full spectrum, high CRI lighting.  Available in daylight 5600K or tungsten 3000K colour temperature, the PhotonBeam 80 LED is well-suited to work alongside Photon Beards Square One fluorescent panel. Power for the PhotonBeam 80 LED can be supplied from 90-260V AC mains or via standard camera batteries using V or Gold mount 11-17VDC. Photon Beards Platinum Blonde, a highly energy-efficient 1200W HMI linear lamp, will also be seen in Europe for the first time at IBC. Platinum Blonde is provided in an open face format specifically designed for any raw output application. Crystal Vision C Stand 2.B11 rystal Vision will be presenting a unique keying solution, its first product for MADI audio and a choice of new control options to satisfy all preferences. LKEY-SQZ is a new type of keyer from Crystal Vision, providing a dedicated and exceptionally smooth squeeze back functionality. The MADDA105 distribution amplifier makes it easy to send many audio channels to multiple places, with five MADI outputs. Finally, Crystal Vision has transformed the way its products are controlled, with the launch of the VisionWeb web browser software for operators who like PC control and the VisionPanel hardware control panel for those who prefer physical buttons. Video Clarity Stand 2.C57 V isitors to Video Clarity’s booth at IBC2014 will experience MOVIE (Motion-based Video Integrity Evaluation), a new perceptual test method for the ClearView line of video quality analyzers.  MOVIE is the new gold standard for measuring video quality, a full-reference test delivering results that are closer than ever to human perceptions of video quality. Broadcast operators and manufacturers of consumer electronics and broadcast transmission equipment rely on ClearView analyzers to ensure the best viewing experience, operate more efficiently, meet SLAs, and stay in compliance. ClearView uses several proven test methods to arrive at a measurement of subjective quality that very closely approximates what the average person would see and hear when watching the video. Adding MOVIE to the mix gives users the highest correlation to human subjective quality available in an automated measurement system. 32 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 92 AUGUST 2014 TV-BAY092AUG14.indd 32 08/08/2014 15:28