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NEWS Bringing broadcast graphics to the laptop N ew video graphics systems enables producers to create and deliver live titles from an HDMI notebook. An innovative converter / genlock device creates an efficient bridge to SDI environments. Until now, real-time PC titling software has required a desktop PC fi tted with an SDI output card. For live programming on location, transporting and setting up this amount of kit is problematic. Datavideo’s new TC-200 connects to a laptop and allows producers to create and insert dynamic titles into live video productions. Users can now quickly produce televisual graphics live and even import text fi les for instant use on-air. While presentation, image editing and motion graphics software can produce attractive titles, they are not designed to integrate with live broadcast workfl ows. Paired with Datavideo’s CG-200 software, TC-200 can create and modify titles on the fl y and play out graphics with ease. Said Allan Leonhardsen, Director of Holdan, the UK Datavideo distributor. Unlike generic graphics programs, CG-200 is designed wholly around the needs of video producers. In the pressure of a live event, commonly used styles, such as scrolling text, insertion of animated gifs and the all-important clock feature are extremely easy to set up and operate. Graphics templates and archived titles can be updated and played out, helping to accelerate the time to air and the quality of the information presented on screen. TC-200 with the accompanying CG-200 software is available from resellers throughout Europe. Broadcast equipment sales and rental Office: 02392 160 681 8 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 91 JULY 2014 Mobile: 07905 786 149