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A self-evolving publishing platform always compliant. In most cases, technology enhancements and upgrades are transparent to you and won’t disrupt your individual workfl ow. What’s more, you get continued enhancement of target platform support with near immediate availability — even further minimizing your up-front capital or staffi ng costs. Lower up-front investment means you are free to try as many potential revenue streams as you like because it won’t cost you any more to do so. With homegrown solutions, most content owners fi nd it impossible to keep up with ever-changing formats and requirements as online services evolve, but the cloud eliminates that struggle. The cloud holds functionality and features that have been developed for all to use, and takes into account the industry’s best practices. You can leverage that existing technology through the cloud rather than investing the time and money to develop and maintain it yourself. As target platform requirements and essence specifi cations change over time, the cloud-based approach can proactively address them and ensure content delivery is In summary, cloud-based tools are the most cost-effective means of transforming content to feed current and emerging online platforms. With them, you can embrace emerging online business models, test new markets with minimal investment, monetize content, and ensure the longevity of your content and your brand. By leveraging advanced CSM solutions that include fully automated, cloud-based online media publishing, you have the power to capitalize on the connected lifestyle and directly engage your viewers no matter where they are. And thanks to the cloud, cost- effective workfl ow effi ciencies are becoming more accessible than ever before. collects information regarding viewing patterns, geography, viewer retention, and loyalty. Such data is critical for media organizations to fi ne-tune their online publishing strategies to ensure resources and content are properly allocated. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 91 JULY 2014 | 53