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NEWS Using Forscene for ad production J ohn Stanley Productions used Forscene in its workflow to produce television and Internet ads for Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Anti-Ageing Serums, marking the first time Forscene has been used in the production of a commercial.  “The ratio of filming to finished product on this project was enormous. The challenge was how to tell the story in just a minute when we had enough material for an hour-long programme. That meant culling a lot of material in a hurry,” said Michelle Langer, executive producer at John Stanley Productions. “One of our producers had used Forscene before and was impressed with the ability to view and select clips independently of the editor. Forscene was an invaluable tool for enabling efficient communications between the crew on a shoot and the producer and editor in the edit suite at The Farm.” John Stanley Productions had three crews working throughout the country, simultaneously filming eight women who were living without mirrors for four weeks while they tested the product to see the difference it made to their lines and wrinkles. Every other day they sent drives back to The Farm to be ingested. As each day’s footage was copied to The Farm’s media storage, proxies were automatically uploaded to JSP’s Forscene account -- so that the rushes were immediately available to be viewed by Rachel Viner, senior producer. From that footage, the company produced a 60-second TV ad, a 40-second TV ad, and a three-minute online version that all told the story of the women’s experiences. Before the main edit block, producers and editors had one day a week in an edit suite to cut weekly highlights. Having access to the media in Forscene made it possible to preselect the clips before edit day, making the time in the edit suite much more productive. Mobile audio editing tool N etia’s iSnippet audio editing tool for iPhone® and iPad® devices is now available on the iTunes® App Store. Sharing the same look and ergonomic principles as the Snippet desktop interface available within NETIA’s acclaimed Radio-Assist™ radio automation software suite, iSnippet allows iOS device users not only to edit and index media from their mobile devices, but also to record and export ready-to-broadcast assets from the in-studio Radio-Assist database. Expanding one-stop service B BC Studios and Post Production’s Digital Media Services business -- the commercial subsidiary of the BBC that preserves, remasters, and manages content for clients such as Imperial War Museums -- is installing Front Porch Digital’s DIVArchive® CSM and DIVAdirector® media asset management (MAM) systems. The systems will allow the Digital Media Services team to provide secure long- term storage for clients’ assets alongside existing services such as film and tape digitization, digital image restoration, and Digital Production Partnership (DPP) delivery, enabling a true end- to-end digitization, transcoding, restoration, and archive service. Front Porch Digital is the global leader in cloud-based content storage management (CSM) solutions. 28 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 91 JULY 2014