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The World Cup in numbers The ERCs are remotely controlled freestanding units – independent of the “HBS House”, which comprises most of the Broadcast Compound at each venue. They feature all the electronics, main cores and base units as well as thousands of cables. Having been pre-built and pre-tested in Munich by systems integrator sonoVTS they have now been shipped to Brazil where, once on site, the cables will simply be unrolled and ‘plugged in’ to the equipment in the various operational rooms. From that point, the venue is essentially active. Twelve ERCs, one for each venue, have been built for Brazil 2014. I spoke to Christian Gobbel, HBS’ senior engineering manager last month. As the man who designed the ERCs, he described them thus: “It’s an OB van without wheels and workspaces. All the electronics, main cores and base units are located in that room. Cables are rolled back into the container and the operational rooms are more or less only remote controls of the pieces of equipment in there. The beauty of the ERC is that everything has been pre-confi gured and pre-tested so when they get on site, the crew position the container, roll out the cables in the rooms, put up the monitor galleries and visions 5,000 square metres of indoor space in the IBC 840 120 kilometres of cable 36 EDIT SUITES 17 TV STUDIOS AT THE IBC 300+ commentary units cameras in total 88 rights holders with a presence inside the IBC 40 1 EVS XT3s 43 + CAMERAS AT EACH VENUE 192 ENG crews 32 TEAMS 12 CITIES WINNER mixers and audio mixers, plug it in, switch it on and it works.” Yes, it is just a box. But what an important one. “The World Cup is the biggest sport event in the world,” he adds. “You have to thoroughly look at all aspects. The great thing is being able to test the equipment and the interfacing between all the components well ahead of the event. It’s a huge step forward for us and a great relief in the busy days before the opening match.” Thanks to the ERCs, when Brazil and Croatia kick off in that opening match in Sao Paulo on 12 June, some of the players might, to use football parlance, ‘go down in the box’ but the equipment being used by HBS and Sony certainly won’t. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 90 JUNE 2014 | 41