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local audiences by RAI. For this project, we used LMB to analyze and correct loudness for both the program and its commercials to ensure their compliance with Italian loudness standards. After the content has been dubbed or translated into the required languages by our sub-contracted localization service, the loudness check with LMB is typically our last step before sending the content on to the playout service or broadcaster for distribution out to the international platforms and audiences. As part of their QA process, the playout services check to ensure that loudness levels meet the requirements of the target countries, and they send non-compliant content back to the post house to be corrected. In that regard, LMB has proven to be a huge time and moneysaver since we have near-complete assurance that what we’re sending out is correct in the fi rst place. With the ability to accept multiple audio and video formats, LMB can batch analyze and automatically correct the audio to the correct LKFS/LUFS and true-peak criteria (most countries require an LKFS within a few decibels of -24). With its drag-and-drop interface, the system is extremely easy to use – we just drag the fi les to be analyzed and corrected into the “hot folder” and within seconds LMB returns the fi les, adjusted for compliance. Because the process is completely automated, it can perform loudness processing on large numbers of audio and video fi les without requiring any intervention by the SAMPLE staff – another big timesaver. After evaluating numerous loudness management solutions at the BVE Expo show in London, we kept coming back to the NUGEN Audio LMB system because it offered high performance and yet seemed simpler, easier to use, and more cost-effective than its competitors. Our intuition was right, and LMB has become an indispensible part of our operation in Verona – so much so that we are now considering purchasing another unit for the SAMPLE studio in Milan. We have also been taking a look at NUGEN Audio’s VisLM visual loudness monitoring plug-in, which offers tools for detailed and objective loudness measurement, history, and logging. At SAMPLE, we believe audio has a fundamental role in determining an entertainment product’s quality. With LMB, we’re able to give our clients the assurance that not only will the fi nal product meet their stringent quality standards, but it also will be in compliance with an ever- growing and more complex range of global loudness standards. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 89 MAY 2014 | 67