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Operating the app’s virtual key panel via the device’s touch-screen interface, users enjoy the same signaling capabilities as they would on Riedel’s 1000 Series wired control panel for Artist systems. Like the wired control panels, the new key panel app can be confi gured via Riedel’s Director software. To facilitate mobile control over the Artist system through the new app, a VOIP-108 G2 card at the Artist frame converts eight Artist matrix ports into a compressed IP stream. To assure excellent audio quality at all times, users can choose between two modes — a high-quality mode with an audio bandwidth of 6 kHz, resulting in a data rate of less than 80 kBit/s (including panel data) and a low-traffi c mode with 4 kHz audio bandwidth and a data rate of less than 40 kBit/s per channel (including panel data). The VOIP-108 G2 client card then communicates with the virtual panels via a WAN connection to a wireless network. As the demands of production grow ever greater, Riedel works to offer solutions that enable fl exible yet reliable communications. Incorporating the latest technology into its products, the company provides its customers with smarter options for handling the complex task of managing communications systems of any size. WE WANT YOUR USED EQUIPMENT GET IN TOUCH! (+44) 01453 825802 GIVE OUR TEAM A CALL AND TELL US WHAT YOU HAVE PART EXCHANGE YOUR USED EQUIPMENT THE GO-TO GUYS FOR LOCATION SOUND AND DSLR SOLUTIONS SOCIAL MEDIA LOCATION SOUND EQUIPMENT EXPERTS // SALES // BACKUP // TRAINING NEW PRODUCTS C O M B O S A V A I L A B L E Rycote Super Softie - New 3D-Tex Material, greatly improving wind noise reduction. Available in 12cm, 15cm and 18cm with 19-22mm and 24-25mm diameter. £79.00 Rycote Super Shield - Complete windshield and shock mount system for shotgun microphones. Available in Small (200mm), Medium (200-250mm) and Large (250-300mm). £200.00 FOR NEW EQUIPMENT Outright purchase considered Call or email us for a valuation SHOTGUN MICS DPA 4018V - W/ MMP-B Preamp Sanken CS-1e - Short 181.5mm Mic Sanken CS-3e - Excellent off-axis rejection Sennheiser MKH 416P - Industry Standard Sennheiser MKE 600 - Battery Powered Rode NTG-3 - #1 for Value & Performance £1,275 £495 £875 £559 £195 £339 IN STOCK NOW! RADIO MIC SYSTEMS NEW Sony UWP-D11 - Brand New System NEW Sony UWP-D16 - Includes Plug-on TX Demo Sennheiser EW 112-P G3 - Units from Micron Explorer 100 - 16 Channel UK 38 Lectrosonics SRB/SMDB - Dual Channel Kit WisyCom MCR42L & SK2000 - Combo Kit NEW! £459 £655 £385 £739 £3,499 £3,300 USED & EX-DEMO Used Sound Devices 302 from £625 Used Sound Devices 744T £1,350 Used Sound Devices 552 £1,350 Used Sound Devices 442 £650 Demo Sound Devices PIX 220 £925 Demo Neumann KM184 £389 Used Sennheiser MKH70 £695 Demo Lectrosonics WPTX £825 Used TW LP44s - 4/4 Mixer £550 Used Zaxcom Deva 4 £2,999 HOT DEALS NEW Mini RX - Ultra compact timecode generator & receiver, completes the “mini” range perfectly. £475 Pinknoise Timecode Buddy Bundle Wifi Master, Mini TRX, a 3 Cable set, and a FREE K-Tek Aluminium iPhone 4/4S Case worth £58! £1350 NEW! IN STOCK! FREE K-Tek iPhone Case! For iPhone 4/4S HOT DEALS / CLEARANCE Sanken CS-2 Shotgun Mic Sennheiser MKH 30 Mic Sennheiser MKH 50 Mic Tascam DR-680 - 8 Track JuicedLink CX431 Adapter £495 £925 £850 £475 £249 AudioWireles 120MHz £1,499 Rode Stereo VideoMic £95 D|Focus Follow Focus V4 £110 D|Focus D|Matte Complete £229 Field Runner w/ V4 & 8” Rods £366 (+44) 01453 825802 // Please note that all prices shown are EXCLUSIVE of VAT @ 20% and do not include shipping costs // TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 89 MAY 2014 | 57