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Various applications will have to be developed, including a search engine database for all the items, and someone will have to develop a standard for it. It might be eBay, it might be Microsoft, it might be Google. But eventually we will see marketplaces based on RDF. Publishing information about things on the Internet will be much easier than before. One day we will be able to collect information about almost everything on the web in a standardized RDF format. publishing of data or the request of a machine for such data. Is it all too difficult then? Where Semantic Web technologies have found a greater degree of practical adoption, it has tended to be among core specialized communities and organizations for intra-company projects. The practical constraints toward adoption appear less challenging where domain and scope is more limited than that of the general public and the World-Wide Web. dissemination of information is well developed. At this stage, most of the organizations represented within the IASA do not really feel they need the Semantic Web. So at the current stage of development, the Semantic Web is not a priority for the IASA. But this does not mean it will be ignored. A very soft, although practical introduction to some of the beauties of the Semantic Web might be offered by companies such as NOA-Audio, which have systems that are particularly adaptable to a Semantic Web extension, and which have representatives on IASA technical committees. Media archiving could be an ideal application. However, the IASA (International Association of Sound The advantages that the Semantic and Audiovisual Archives) is not yet Web brings in terms of reuse, The commercial potential of media committed to the Semantic Web. dynamism, fl exibility, and openness archives which are searchable Documentation practices in libraries also pose the possibility of through Semantic Web technology and archives are well established. ineffi ciencies such as complexity, and could be the argument that spurs performance degradation. Then there’s They are supported by international development in this direction. An the human factor: people may include regulations and a vast know-how. IASA implementation of Semantic spurious metadata (i.e. metacrap) into Common resources provide trusted technologies would transform the way information for aggregating data in the archive holders could exploit their web pages in an attempt to mislead ‘traditional’ way. A number of consortia assets, and for the world at large, it Semantic Web engines that naively at various levels are successfully assume the metadata’s veracity. would open up access to archived covering different topics and the Enthusiasm about the Semantic Web material in exciting new ways. could be tempered by concerns regarding censorship and privacy. For ASK OUR instance, text-analyzing techniques Tel. +44 (0)1635 237 237 can now be easily bypassed by using EXPERTS POST YOUR QUESTION ONLINE: Search ‘tvbay’ Email. other words, metaphors for instance, or by using images in place of words. An advanced implementation of the involved in software design and all Stefano Sergio Cavaglieri is the Semantic Web would make it much things digital storage. His expertise Chief Technology and Information easier for governments to control and analytical skills led him to be Offi cer of the Swiss National the viewing and creation of online now recognized as one of the highest Sound Archives in Lugano, information, as this information would technical authorities in the multimedia Switzerland. His career started be much easier for an automated archives community. In 2011 he was back in the late 70's in the audio content-blocking machine to awarded the James A. Lindner prize engineering fi eld. For a number understand. for his contributions to research in the of years, he touched all kind of fi eld of the technology of preservation audio productions, culminating Another criticism of the Semantic of recorded sound. Stefano holds his professional path with an Web is that it would be much more a degree both in electroacoustics impressive series of world class time-consuming to create and publish and in computer science. He serves recordings and events. In the late content because there would need as an active member of IASA - TC 80's, in parallel to audio, Stefano to be two formats for one piece of (International Association of Sound broadens his interests to include data: one for human viewing and computer science. Starting dealing and Audio Visual Archives – Technical one for machines. However, many Committee), ALA (American Library with networking and systems web applications in development are Association), and AES (Audio management, he very soon gets addressing this issue by creating a Engineering Society). machine-readable format upon the What other snags are there? TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 89 MAY 2014 | 55