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Live from NAB Updated versions of popular interface S tudio Technologies, Inc., the manufacturer of tailored high-performance audio, video and fiber-optic products for the professional audio, installation and broadcast markets, is now shipping enhanced versions of the popular Model 41 and Model 42A Line-Level Audio to IFB Circuit Interfaces. The units have received revised and updated circuitry and components for increased long-term reliability in tough fi eld applications. The enclosure for both models has also been upgraded to aluminum, effectively reducing overall unit weight by 3 pounds (1.4 kg), while still maintaining the steel front panel for rugged performance in rack-mount applications. Integrated automated playout V6 released Optimizing DTV transport stream analysis T New Multi-Channel Monitoring: Giving users the ability to check and monitor output quickly and easily across all output channels riveni Digital have launched StreamScope MT-50, an enhanced version of the company’s real-time DTV transport stream analysis and troubleshooting tool, featuring the industry’s most comprehensive MPEG analysis engine. Leveraging usability and performance enhancements offered by the new StreamScope platform, broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV operators can now more effectively monitor and analyze DTV transport streams and comply with worldwide standards to ensure a superior quality of service (QoS). T he release of version 6 marks the latest update on the OASYS software that was first launched to the market 25 years ago and is the next major update of the OASYS solution since the announcement of version 5 at IBC 2009. Version 6 consolidates all previous OASYS/Chameleon software, migrating all modules to a 64-bit architecture for increased processing throughput, as well as offering significant upgrades and new interfaces including: Upgrade to Browser: That simplifi es fi le viewing and metadata management functionality New Hub software: Simplifying hardware confi guration on each playout device and providing smart routing logic to external systems especially routing in n:m redundancy