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NEWS NAB Live from NAB 4k killer combination A High-speed 4k V-RAW recording solution Reducing lag time between shoot and edit P F Codex, the industry leader in RAW recording and workfl ow, is working exclusively with Panasonic to deliver the only compact, high-speed 4k uncompressed RAW recorder for Panasonics VariCam 35 camera. The dedicated recorder will capture uncompressed 4k VariCam RAW at up to 120fps. The Codex Vault workfl ow system will support the rapid transfer of digital camera originals for post-production and archiving. Forbidden worked together with Sony to create a new integrated workfl ow and to provide a professional broadcast test case. This new workfl ow allows production crews to upload content directly from the Sony camera over a wireless LAN to the Forscene cloud, eliminating any delay between the shoot and post-production. Forbidden client Maverick TV is the fi rst to use this new Forscene workfl ow integrated with Sony’s wireless adapter on a programme commissioned by Channel 4. tomos 7” Shogun and Sony α7S Camera 4k Recording Solution Shown for the First Time at NAB 2014 Atomos, the creator of the award- winning Apple ProRes Ninja and Samurai camera-mounted recorders, and the pocket-sized Connect converters, showed the brand new 4k Shogun 7” IPS monitor/recorder alongside the new Sony α7S at NAB 2014. The Shogun is currently the only 4k HDMI recording solution that can take full advantage of the new α7S’s full 35mm ultra-sensitive 12 mega pixel video sensor, clean HDMI out, 120 fps HD and custom HDMI timecode and start/stop trigger. The Atomos Shogun is the world’s first 4k HDMI and 12G SDI monitor recorder and deck. With the combination of Sony’s clean HDMI out direct to 4k ProRes onto single SSDs or RAIDed HDDs 4k is now a mainstream reality at the equivalent of $40 per hour for storage media. With Sony’s pedigree and reliability coupled with Atomos’ revolutionary feature set and price points, this combination is the most compelling video solution on the market today. anasonic and Codex, the leading developer of RAW recording and media management systems for motion picture and television production, have announced a strategic product development alliance. orbidden Technologies plc has created a professional workflow using Sony’s new CBK-WA100 wireless adapter for Sony cameras. New mini-converters at NAB A JA Video Systems have announced its new Hi5-Plus and HA5-Plus Mini- Converters, powerful and portable devices that harness AJA’s proven technology for streamlining broadcast and post production workflows. Hi5-Plus is AJA’s next generation SDI-to-HDMI Mini-Converter. Capable of handling 3G and Dual Link inputs, Hi5-Plus outputs Deep Color 30- and 36- bit video for driving HDMI monitoring solutions. Embedded audio is passed through to the output and a 2-channel RCA analog output allows easy audio monitoring. 28 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 89 MAY 2014