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NEWS NAB Live from NAB Boosting bandwidth and flexibility R New Outstanding Production Award U K company Polecam Systems announced at NAB 2014 a new global annual award for Outstanding Production using a Polecam. Designer of Polecam, and founder of the company, Steffan Hewitt said “This last year we have seen a ramp up of sales as more and more creatives are discovering how Polecam can both speed up production and add production values all at the same time. With more than 500 rigs in use globally we are seeing the great results that creative minds can achieve with such a production tool, and so we have decided to present a new annual award for Outstanding Production Using a Polecam. We heard late last year that a television production company in Texas, USA, had a very busy work schedule with a host of concurrent productions, and they had discovered Polecam and were using it to an extraordinary level in many of their productions to speed up the workflow and yet add production values. They have a large studio complex in Dallas and further facilities in Austin but a significant part of what they are doing is shot by crews on location all around the world. This has to be done very efficiently to get the content captured to their exacting high standards, within budget, and on time. They were using Polecam rigs locally and globally to achieve this and producing excellent and entertaining output showing high production values. Their use of Polecam was, and is, outstanding. This year we have great pleasure in presenting the Award to AMS Pictures, Dallas Texas”. The Award was accepted at NAB in Las Vegas by Joshua Moore, Head of Production at AMS Pictures, along with Taylor Witt, Senior DP. iedel Communications, provider of pioneering real-time video, audio, data, and communications networks, have announced that it has expanded its MediorNet family of real-time networks with the addition of the 2-RU large-scale MediorNet MetroN core router. In enabling Riedel’s acclaimed networked approach to signal distribution and routing, the new MediorNet MetroN fiber router provides a massive 640 GB real-time signal-routing capacity (64x10G ports). PAM PiCo Matrix software preview T SL Products is pleased to announce the unveiling of the new PAM PiCo PC Matrix Configuration software application at NAB. In combination with the loudness logging, screen grab and system update software application, the matrix configuration program completes a suite of tools designed to make the PAM PiCo the most comprehensive compact, all-in-one loudness measurement and level metering solution on the market. Live from NAB New high speed, high value central storage G B Labs’ new Midi Space 3RU delivers the capacities required by small to medium-sized HD workgroups, delivering fast shared storage at an affordable price. Available in configurations up-to 64TB, Midi 3RU can be expanded with dedicated Midi Space EX units up-to a massive 768TB. Midi Space 3RU represents a new breed of shared storage that fulfi lls the need for a fast but affordable rack system. Smaller workgroups of 2-20 creatives working with any kind of compressed media fi les dont need costly storage units designed to support large editing teams or uncompressed HD formats. For these users, Midi Space 3RU hits the sweet spot. 24 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 89 MAY 2014