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TECHNOLOGY benefi ts. Centralising computers in a controlled environment maximises reliability and security and aids access for IT management as well as preventing unauthorised copying of fi les by means of USB fl ash memory devices. Divorcing the computer from the user workstation means a computer can be confi gured and assigned to a specifi c task and made available as needed by a user, rather than providing the same application to several users for intermittent use alongside other programs. Studios and edit suites can be built for general purpose use, rather than designated to a specifi c task or project. The application and content effectively ‘follows’ the user around; which means that a studio or edit suite can be used by any user, allowing the business to operate more fl exibly and effi ciently. The tight installation schedule meant that there was very little time to work and absolutely no room for error. Any changes in the specifi cation of the system had to be accommodated. “KVM equipment selection, procurement, confi guration and integration to the point of live broadcast was completed in just seven months,” explains Hugh Pollard, Timeline TV. “The route recommended by IHSE was to individually confi gure individual components prior to installation in the CAR. Flex-port technology in the Draco tera allowed us to set any port as an input or output and then disconnect the extender cards. When reinstalled later in its fi nal location, the switch automatically identifi es the equipment and reconnects. So we were effectively integrating the full system whilst the fl oor was still being laid. Simple connection between the two Draco tera chassis to form one large, virtual matrix also provided additional functionality to the system. “As with any large project, devices were substituted during the build phase and we had to respond immediately. The modular architecture and total fl exibility of the Draco tera allows us to switch between signal 56 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 88 APRIL 2014 “The entire tapeless system is mirrored at a standalone BT disaster recovery site where another Draco tera KVM switch is deployed. Future enhancements will include the addition of new broadcast equipment as necessary and the interconnection of the switches together using the new Matrix Grid software to create a single, larger, virtual matrix that will allow operators to reach across the boundaries of the individual switches.” Images courtesy of the BT Media Image Library formats, add dual- and triple-head equipment in place of single-head and integrate peripheral devices such as touch screen controllers over USB. Single- and dual-link DVI video signals are generally used within the studios and supported by USB interfaces and digital audio; however a special design to handle some specifi c VGA-only equipment was also completed by IHSE within the timescale.” Scene Double, IHSE’s UK distributor, provided technical and integration support to the project teams. Ray Gordon, managing director of Scene Double highlighted the complexity of the installation: “This is one of the largest single-system installations of the IHSE Draco tera switch in the world. When we were planning the system architecture for BT Sport, we were confi dent that the tera’s inherent scalability and functionality would allow us to achieve a solution that would work immediately and provide a growth path in the future. The excellent system engineering capability and commitment of the integration teams, coupled with the fl exibility and capability of the Draco tera contributed in equal measure to the success of the project. The Draco tera KVM switch was one of the crucial elements that enabled BT Sport to meet the tight timescale to launch a bouquet of new TV broadcast channels; on time and with a complete set of features. The original project specifi cation was met in full and additional requirements and changes to the specifi cation were accommodated with ease. “At the core of our new studio build is a spirit of collaboration that brings the best of industry working together toward a common aim: to make the BT Sport studios a world-class hub for the best ideas and talent.” Jamie Hindhaugh, Chief Operating Offi cer of BT Sport. Integration partners: Timeline TV Lead partner. Project management and end-to-end design and build Megahertz Technical design and fi t-out. AIT Partnership Group KVM specifi cation, consultancy and integration. Scene Double Exclusive UK distributor, support and consultancy services for IHSE KVM products.