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would allow complete fl exibility to interconnect hundreds of workstations throughout the building to banks of remotely-located electronic equipment; so that edit suites, galleries and offi ce spaces could operate without needing to install noisy and heat- producing equipment locally. Any workstation has to be able to connect to any source device; under user control but subject to administrator restrictions. This level of connectivity allows production teams to use any of the available edit suites by instantly connecting the suite’s workstations to their specifi c servers. Pre-confi gured and stored connection paths allow the production teams to move suites from day-to-day, instantly connecting to their data servers with no interruption to their work. With the imminent arrival of 4K broadcasting and with 8K expected in the future the system has to be ready to handle those formats, all with no video latency; a parameter that is crucial within the broadcasting industry.” room (CAR). “From the outset of the project BT Sport was clear on their overall objectives,” explained Ian Martin, Broadcast Solution Consultant for AIT partnership group. “The aim was to deploy a system that To achieve this objective, IHSE KVM matrix switches provide the critical central data switching functionality throughout the building. They were selected after extensive technical evaluation by combined engineering teams. “IHSE’s combination of high video resolution, low latency and instant switching, combined with comprehensive interfacing to studio control systems and stored confi guration capability made it the ideal choice,” said Ian Martin. “Its modular construction and upgradability cover the requirement for future growth within the broadcast centre and the adoption of new 4K and 8K formats.” Two IHSE Draco tera KVM switches, each with 288 ports, connect editors, designers and production staff to the banks of Avid editing machines, Omneon storage devices, EVS servers, Chryon production tools and the host of other essential broadcast components physically located in the central apparatus room. They provide the required delay-free switching between sources and workstations to create an end-to-end tapeless workfl ow; 32 ports of ingest allow immediate access to incoming feeds in any of the 20 edit suites or on any of the 200 producer desktops. IP Director logging stations allow live feeds and rushes to be tagged with appropriate keywords and metadata. Production staff can browse the archive and live feeds, make playlists and send the content to a variety of destinations including the high end edit suites for fi nishing, TX for play- out, distribution partners or archive. In addition to the edit suites, there are eight voiceover booths, a dubbing theatre and a QC suite. NEC P-Series professional monitors were selected by Timeline to complement the switching system and are used throughout the complex to provide the visual interface to users. Large format LCD displays and desktop screens were installed in the edit suites, galleries and the engineering support room; they are also mounted on the monitor stacks in the master control room where mission-critical performance is essential. Locating the servers and computers in the CAR yields a number of signifi cant Searching? broadcast cameraman Search with full details of hundreds of GTC accredited Camera Operators, Lighting Cameramen, DoPs and specialist cameramen, why go anywhere else? TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 88 APRIL 2014 | 55