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World Leader in Specialist Jibs, Minicams & Accessories New products from Polecam Toshiba IK-HD5 The flagship IK-HD5H 3CMOS camera head not only features Toshiba’s signature Micro prism technology but also native HD 1080p/i resolution in every channel, twice the sensitivity and 25% improved S/N ratio in a ultra-small housing. And it doesn’t end here. The all new CCU IK- HD5E introduces the use of an adjustable Knee and Clip functionality which alone doubles up the dynamic range so the user can experience sharp colour quality in both the blazing bright and the darker parts of the scene. And to round up this amazing package, Toshiba has added a 3G-SDI output to ensure full HD 1080p output. Global Headquarters Polecam Limited web: email: tel: +44 (0) 1234 855 222 Antelope Pico The Antelope PICO Extreme Slow Motion and Live Camera System is designed to offer spectacular extreme slow motion and previously unrevealed details from vantage points where no other camera has gone before. AntelopePICO records with up to 520 frames per second in native HD. The system is based on a 2/3” CMOS 2K chip and guarantees high detail and unsurpassed light sensitivity. The unique deflickering technology eliminates lighting related flicker in realtime. UK, Europe & Africa Symbiosis web: email: tel: +44 (0) 1926 436 937 Modified Zacuto Grip Relocator for Canon C300 The Zacuto C300 Grip Relocator puts all the important controls of your camera right at your fingertips when using your Polecam. The Canon C300 removable grip attaches directly to the boom of any Polecam system via a bespoke mounting bracket which is designed and manufactured by Polecam Optional – Power Tap This power tap is a great accessory to all those running the Canon C300 on a Polecam – no need for batteries in the camera, no need to worry about running out of power during a shoot and, it keeps payload weights to a minimum. North, South & Central America Tecads Inc web: email: tel: +1 949 597 1053