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NEWS NAB Digigram A Booth C6025 Litepanels L itepanels will premiere its new Hilio D12 (daylight balanced) and Hilio T12 (tungsten balanced) high light output panels at NAB. The innovative panels provide the light quality, versatility and intensity of an open source fixture, while offering all of the benefits of Litepanels’ proprietary LED fixture design. The Hilio D12/T12 fi xtures were designed by Litepanels to augment the lighting requirements of broadcast studios, as well as motion picture, episodic television, and commercial location shoots. The versatile panels emit a raw, narrow beam that provides high intensity for long throws. This intensity can also be harnessed and shaped with an array of available accessories to light an exterior, wash a set with soft light, or illuminate a cyc wall or green screen. t the 2014 NAB Show, Booth C2849 the Digigram team will feature a complete range of products designed to address the requirements of all applications and budgets. In showcasing solutions that simplify the capture and delivery of high-quality audio-over-IP networks, the company will highlight a new RAVENNA/AES67-enabled sound card ideal for low-latency synchronous audio-over-IP distribution over LAN; the low-cost, ultralow-latency IQOYA *CALL and IQOYA *CALL/LE audio-over-IP contribution codecs; the IQOYA *LINK and IQOYA *LINK/LE stereo audio- over-IP distribution codecs; the high-density IQOYA *SERV/ LINK multiple-stereo or multichannel audio-over-IP codec for professional IP audio distribution; and the latest release in the company’s AQILIM family of video encoders for professional video broadcasting and distribution over IP networks. Miranda Booth N2513 M iranda Technologies will launch the new NVISION 8500 baseband IP Gateway cards at NAB 2014. The introduction of these input/output cards is a major step forward in providing technology for broadcasters to future proof their facilities as they look to transition from SDI to IP infrastructures. Eliminating the need for external dimmers, the fi xtures feature Litepanels’ smooth dimming, from 100 percent to zero with no noticeable color shift, and are fl icker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle. The panels also offer an integrated DMX module, with readily available and affordable RJ45 Ethernet connections for remote dimming control via any standard DMX512 protocol device. The NVISION 8500 IP Gateway converts and packetizes real- time, uncompressed, baseband video using SMPTE 2022-6 for transport over 10 GbE Ethernet networks. Once SDI signals are packetized, they can easily be distributed rack- to-rack, truck-to-truck, between fl oors of a facility and even between buildings or campuses, over IP networks. All signals support frame accurate switching for use in live production environments. For added effi ciency, several uncompressed SDI signals fi t into a single IP stream, reducing cabling when used for tielines between routers. • • • 30 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 88 APRIL 2014