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NEWS NAB Hamlet Booth N817 H amlet re-establishes the base line for portable T&M equipment with the MicroFlex Mach 2. Mach numbers depend on the composition of the surrounding medium, especially pressure. The pressure on end users budgets is well known to Hamlet so they have re-invented the award winning MicroFlex with a new build, reducing cost and offering combination option module sets and a carry case all included at an amazing price. It’s not rocket science, says Steve Nunney MD at Hamlet, more a case of making something even more applicable to today’s infrastructure for those professionals who seek the highest quality measurement, monitoring and R.O.I. in the real world of operations. Our solutions are always very well received and sold worldwide. NAB is an ideal launch opportunity for the new MicroFlex which we expect to see flying off the shelves at great speed! As well as the Mach2, Hamlet will show DigiScopes DS900G, DS900 and the DigiTek DT900 - three measurement instruments each with unique user features to suit different environments, all offering from 1 to 4 input slots for HD, SD and composite modules. In addition users can include 3G, test signal generators, EYE display and audio modules, with loudness and Dolby if required. Hamlet will also show the original award winning software package VidScope, now MH2B with its purpose designed capture card. This is the only broadcast accurate software package on the market with a feature set outstripping any others available. Lastly but not least, Hamlet will have the 5.6 and 7 inch Precision range of LCD screens with built in T&M on show for broadcast professionals and videographers alike, offering exceptional value for money. Broadcast Pix B roadcast Pix have announced a technology partnership with Virtualsetworks, which offers an extensive library of virtual sets. Through the partnership, customers will be able to search the company’s catalog from the Broadcast Pix Web site. Broadcast Pix will showcase several Virtualsetworks virtual sets during the 2014 NAB Show. Booth Digital Nirvana B Booth SL6325 SU11017 ringing its newest broadcast monitoring and content delivery solutions to NAB, Digital Nirvana will introduce the latest version of its MediaPro 2.0 Content Repurposing System, a fast, affordable way to record multiple channels for content rebroadcasting, repurposing and ad verification. This new version of MediaPro includes the ability to record content and share it easily on social media platforms and the cloud. 22 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 88 APRIL 2014