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editing and approvals. Xchange Suite gives broadcasters instant access to content on their FORK Production servers from any Windows®, Mac®, or tablet device. FORK Xchange 3.0 allows for remote MAM access, as well as uploading source material to FORK and downloading of source material for local editing. This ability to take work offline on an iPad, laptop or desktop is important for users who find themselves on an airplane or remote location with no Internet. Accessing a MAM remotely is even more vital when concurrent users in multisite production operations are working collaboratively with content. What should I think about when planning an archive for my media? Designing an archive is not a trivial matter and many broadcasters are at a tipping point where they have massive tape libraries that are in danger of becoming damaged because of the inherent instability of the tape medium. In these cases, the first step becomes digitisation. Much of this process can be automated but while the process is happening, it is a good idea to QC the content to be sure it has rich metadata attached and that closed caption files are intact. Once ingested, you need a plan that will insure against that worse case scenario. For example, where huge amounts of assets are lost and the archive is needed for disaster recovery. The FORK Archive Bridge solution allows for operators to have a greater level of visibility into the workflow and can track the status of all archival requests. Facilities can now archive and restore to and from a single location, minimizing cost for the archival infrastructure. We mentioned NLE’s…what is Edit-while-capture and why do I want it? Speed is everything in news and sports production. Whether digitising one or many sources, there are competitive advantages to be had by the organization that can get the shot and get it to air faster than the others. By integrating fully with the industry’s leading editing applications, work happens faster and creativity is not sacrificed for that accessibility. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 87 MARCH 2014 | 69