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effi ciency, value engineering and the adoption of lean processes and principles. as the acquisition area. Whereas we have seen the advent of many capable new lower cost cameras, you cannot replace the need for quality and capability at the “glass” end of the broadcast chain. Having well trained and highly skilled staff will always provide an increase in effi ciency and profi tability and, of course, provide a competitive edge over companies without the same approach to differentiation. Being adaptable and willing to work with other companies in the sector will also help and being totally customer centric of course. Is greater collaboration the key? Where are the opportunities? Opportunities exist for broadcast and media technology vendors right across the value chain. There is the opportunity for the traditional broadcast and media technology vendor and the telecoms business to co-exist and work together effectively and effi ciently for the betterment of the industry as a whole. Of course there are areas of our industry that are less threatened by IT and telecoms convergence such Most defi nitely, yes. There are great opportunities that exist for broadcast and media technology vendors that collaborate with one another, as well as with newcomers to the market space, such as telecoms companies. Our research in our end user surveys still indicates that broadcasters prefer to by best-of- breed solutions from individual vendors rather than an end-to-end solution from one provider. They do, however, want these products and services all to work together in a seamless and effi cient way. The answer is for the vendors to collaborate to ensure that such interoperability is possible and that at the end of the day the customer gets the solution they want. Such projects can always be managed by the specialist system integrators in our sector should the broadcaster basically be looking for one point of communication and one point of accountability. What type of company is best placed to succeed to 2014? There are, of course, some areas in our industry that are experiencing faster growth. However, overall, successful companies should ideally be innovative, agile, adaptive and quick to change, well managed and non bureaucratic, lean and effi cient, open minded, bold, collaborative and communicative and of course totally customer-centric. ASK OUR EXPERTS POST YOUR QUESTION ONLINE: Search ‘tvbay’ Tel. +44 (0)1635 237 237 Email. Come and see us at Booth C11130 7th - 10th April, Las Vegas Reality Shows | Danger Zones | Big Screen Feeds Congress Centres | Wildlife | Underwater Concerts & Tours | Sport | News +44 (0)1590 622 440 TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 87 MARCH 2014 | 49