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RACK MOUNT test and measurement New test and measurement monitoring solution • Video, audio, generation, analysis, 24/7 • A range of modules including eye and jitter • 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI and Optical support • Instrument multi-viewer at 1920 x1080 on HDMI 1920 x 1080 output The Rx range Made in the UK • Simultaneous analysis/monitoring 4 SDI channels •16 channel embedded audio, Dolby E / AES support • Side by side closed caption 608/708 OP47 display • Lissajous. 4 simultaneous loudness channels R X 500 • Full Dolby decode 2 channels Rx and Sx Dolby E, Dolby D/Dolby D plus Full Dolby decode on the Rx platform Just released Version 9 R X 1000 Video and audio test and measurement in one unit cost effective instrument 4 channels New high resolution waveforms 1920 x 1080 full screen R X 2000 Dual screen 4 channels Gamut monitoring HAND HELD test and measurement World famous PHABRIX SxE with eye and jitter Over 4000 sold! • SD-SDI. HD-SDI, 3G-SDI • Combined generator, analyzer, monitor • AES I/O, stereo balanced audio I/O • Dolby® E/D/D Plus support option • Physical layer analysis New low cost Analyzer/Monitor • HD/SD-SDI I/O • Dual port optical SFP (replaceable cage) • PAL/NTSC input with AES EYE view • Reference I/O with Reference waveform view • AES I/O, stereo balanced audio I/O • Dolby® E/D/D Plus support option • Generator SDI/PAL/NTSC option • 3G option • Sx range of software options • User replaceable battery • Ethernet remote control PHABRIX Sx SDI, optical and analogue in one unit I want one I want one Phabrix® Limited Omega House, Enterprise Way, Thatcham, Berkshire RG19 4AE UK tel + 44 (0)1635 873030 email: N6115