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NEWS NAB PREVIEW Booth SL12105 VidiGo Bittree A t the 2014 NAB Show, Bittree will display its newest innovations in patchbays and patching solutions, each designed to help integrators and audio/video specialists achieve greater flexibility in rapidly changing media environments. Bittree highlights at this year’s show include a new line of patchbays featuring convenient monitoring and a new line of data feed- through panels. t the 2014 NAB Show VidiGo will present breakthrough technology for the automation of live news productions. VidiGo Studio Automation enables broadcasters to produce a newscast with just one or two operators by scripting the entire format and automating tasks. This optimizes the potential of equipment and human resources. Studio Automation can easily be integrated with newsroom systems with the VidiGo Translator. With Studio Automation users can create rundowns that can be played automatically or manually. Its a visual representation of scenes, from simple camera shots to multi layered events. It allows the user to prepare shows from their desk, saving time and money, making it the most effective solution for studio automation. The fl exibility, functionality and quality of the VidiGo workfl ow is brilliant. Truly studio automation in a box. A. Josiassen, Engineering and Operations at 538 Group. Booth SU6521 A Photon Beard P hoton Beard, the UK lighting solutions specialists for broadcast, film and video will officially launch Platinum Blonde, the company’s first HMI-focusable floodlight, at NAB 2014. Platinum Blonde is a highly energy-effi cient 1200W HMI linear lamp, provided in open face format. It is ideal for any application where raw output is required, such as for use as a bounce light or for punching through diffusion to create a soft, yet powerful daylight source. Because it only draws 1200W, Platinum Blonde can be powered from any domestic supply while also being highly suitable as a generator supply for mobile applications. Booth C7849 Joseph Fiber Solutions A Booth C5746 t NAB Joseph’s will introduce a new 1-RU modular power supply that makes it easy to provide remote power via hybrid fiber/copper cable to other Caddie Series components. Building on the success of the award-winning 4k Studio Caddie, Joseph Fiber Solutions (JFS) will introduce at the 2014 NAB Show an improved version that employs a pull-out electronics drawer. All electronics are removable from the base for fast and easy reconfi gurations and repairs, keeping the camera setup intact for quick turnarounds. The system is compatible with any 4k box camera and is user-customizable for different camera requirements. The unit is fully compatible with the new Caddie Series Modular case and power options. Signals include camera control, two returns, and fi ve 3Gb/s video sends as standard, plus intercom and audio feeds. 40 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 87 MARCH 2014