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Archimedia Technology Camera Corps A t NAB Archimedia will display its inaugural product, the Archimedia Master Player. Designed for video engineers, producers, directors, manufacturers, and archivists who work with video mastering formats such as JPEG 2000, Archimedia Master Player is the first software player to support all common master formats in use around the world today -- including the long-awaited, studio-driven SMPTE IMF -- and the first to allow users to view, test, and measure archival-quality files on a standard UHD/HDTV and traditional SDI equipment. Even XYZ files such as DPX and TIFF can be viewed on an RGB projector or TV that many people already own. This revolutionary capability not only makes content deliverable more quickly at higher quality, but also makes it unnecessary to create and store the content in other formats. The latest release contains features that make the player a true 4k-era replacement for videotape machines for master-grade quality control and archiving functions. Key among them is the ability to control audio and video remotely using RS-422 jog/shuttle wheels, with smooth scrub sounds for all supported formats in slow-motion, forward, and reverse. The Archimedia Master Player is available in both HDTV and 4k/UHDTV/Digital Cinema versions. Booth C2453H C amera Corps has chosen NAB as the launch venue for a major advance in robotic camera technology. Developed from the multiple-award-winning Q-Ball, the new Q3 incorporates double the zoom power, a higher specification camera and a greatly expanded feature set. It is compatible with multiple serial data formats including IP plus Camera Corps own audio-based data system. “The original Q-Ball revolutionised the use of robotic cameras in applications such as sports and reality shows,” states Camera Corps’ founder and managing director Laurie Frost. “Q3 elevates remote camera control to an entirely new level. It gives producers much greater flexibility plus the freedom to source high-quality live video from an unlimited number of cameras located anywhere in, around or outside a production set. Q3 feeds can be intercut seamlessly with the output from broadcast cameras. Each Q3 head incorporates a high-precision pan/tilt/zoom/focus mechanism in a compact unit which can be mounted at any height, indoors or outdoors, and operated under full remote control from an adjacent desk or half-way round the world. Over a hundred Q3 heads can be operated from a single joystick panel.” Booth C6025 TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 87 MARCH 2014 | 35