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NEWS NAB PREVIEW Primestream Booth SL10216 A t the 2014 NAB Show, Primestream will debut FORK™ v4.6, its acclaimed software platform for media asset management and production automation featuring powerful new modules and third-party integrations. Booth SU4302 & SU4405 Front Porch Digital L YNXdr offers a secure off-site backup capability by ingesting and managing content electronically or from datatape to key strategic regional cloud locations. Additionally, there is no cost increase as the technology evolves, which means users can realize even more value from their assets. “The buzz around ‘the cloud’ has prompted us to make sure our cloud offering continues to advance further and further. At the 2014 NAB Show, we’ll demonstrate how our LYNX(SM) cloud content storage management system has evolved to keep up with the ever-changing industry. We will also demonstrate the latest updates across our full product line. Visitors will clearly see how Front Porch Digital can make the cloud work for their operations.” FORK v4.6 features Workfl ow Manager™, a new FORK module that allows users to design, control, and automate production processes that span multiple departments and groups within their organizations. This capability improves communication and response time from engineering and support staff, provides a global view of the tasks and processes being worked on, and assigns tasks to specifi c groups or users while logging every step of the process with information for analytics. For more on automation turn to page 70 Booth C561 NUGEN Audio A -- Michael Knaisch, President and CEO, Front Porch Digital t this year’s NUGEN Audio will showcase its complete line of industry- leading solutions for loudness compliance, now available in carefully selected bundles that provide a one-stop solution and deliver a significant discount over individual product pricing. The new and versatile MultiMonitor software for loudness and true-peak monitoring will also be unveiled at the 2014 NAB Show. NUGEN Audio solutions offer a smarter approach to meeting worldwide loudness regulations and raising the quality of broadcast audio. NAB Technology on Cinema SMPTE T he Motion 2014 Imaging Show’s Sound, produced Summit in partnership with (TSC): SMPTE, The Future offer of and will attendees the opportunity to learn from and engage with leading figures in the motion picture business. At the SMPTE booth, the Society will highlight significant advances in standards development, the digital library, the success of the past year’s educational conferences, and new products including the CamWhite pocket chart for white-balancing. The Society continues to support student engagement in the motion-imaging field through both scholarships and social events. SMPTE board members and directors will again engage with students at the Society’s popular ice cream social, which last year drew 70 students, and at the SMPTE booth. Booth 32 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 87 MARCH 2014 L30