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Full Dolby decode now on Rx series NEWS NAB PREVIEW PHABRIX’s Rx range takes off for NAB Booth N6115 W ith NAB only a matter of weeks away, PHABRIX has started to up the advertising spend on its Rx rack mount range. Always a good sign indicating this innovative UK based company is ready to impress the broadcast community with another world beater. PHABRIX’s Rx rack mount range of rasterizers have been in development for some time however with the release of its V9 software this March, sales of the Rx are predicted to rise steadily as broadcasters, OB trucks and satellite farms begin to see the advantages of its modular offering. We asked Paul Nicholls, director of sales and marketing to explain the benefits and USP’s of the PHABRIX Rx range: ‘ I think the first thing you notice with any PHABRIX product is the quality of construction and a recognition of the time we spend on good design and great ergonomics. The Rx in particular has many innovative design elements, an inbuilt screen, modular cards, SDI and HDMI output, remote control via TCP/IP, low power, slim profile – even desktop feet for R&D use! We have three instruments in the range, the Rx2000 with two video/instrument inbuilt screens and the Rx1000 and Rx500 with OLED control screens. Each have a rasterized output i.e. to an output monitor of your choice HDMI or SDI. In many ways the smaller Rx 500 has been likened to a car radio, however the provision of an inbuilt OLED display helps both an installer and an operator in many ways. Firstly you can test and set up the rasterizer without having a screen attached and secondly the GUI is such that the menus presented are in simple English. Once the configuration of instruments have been set, the display shows you the 99 presets it is capable of selecting. Pressing any one of the preset buttons instantly activates the display. At the touch of a button an engineer can choose perhaps all the video tools, then all the audio tools, or his customised view of 16 instruments from any channel. The Rx can display 8 channels, 4 simultaneously and these can be connected either by SDI or optical using the inbuilt SFP cage. When it comes rasterized output the Rx range can’t be beaten. Connected to a monitor capable of 1920 x 1080 pixel display, you can select any of the instruments and arrange in basic Quads all the way up to 16ths with a mouse. Think of it as a multiviewer of instruments. It’s only when you see it on a large monitor in a MCR environment that you see the value of so many test and measurement instruments on display at the same time. In fact many of our customers tile the video image over the top of 3 instruments such as a waveform, vectorscope and audio. If they see a problem, a simple double click of the mouse on the image reduces the size of it exposing the instruments indicating the cause of the fault underneath – now that’s smart technology. Equally a double click on the video will make it full screen. It also has some really stand out capabilities. If you add four physical layer modules you can see 4 simultaneous eye patterns. No other solution can offer this and certainly nowhere near the price. Closed caption support is a real winner too, just bring up two windows and you can witness 608 next to 708 for checking and of course we also support OP47. Traditionally broadcasters have used two boxes to support test and measurement, one for video and one for audio. In our latest release we have added a considerable number of audio tools to allow a one box solution. Our recent install of 8 Rx1000’s into Malaysian broadcaster ASTRO was to provide both audio and video in one box. Lissajous, 16 channel audio meters, Full Dolby decode, loudness – all these audio toolsets are now available. Interestingly they are controlled via KVM connected mouse and keyboard so they have the units in the machine room and share the resource around the studios – another great feature of the Rx range. With so much on offer can I invite your readers to visit booth N6115 at NAB to see a spectacular show. See you in Vegas or give me a call on 01635 873030 or email if you want a pre NAB visit.’ WORK Microwave W Booth SU8525 ORK Microwave will demonstrate significant enhancements to its DVB-S2 Broadcast Modulator, Video ACM System, and Fifth-Generation Frequency Converter Series. Leveraging the new improvements, operators can optimize satellite bandwidth, improve signal quality, and reduce operating expenses. WORK Microwave platforms span a wide range of applications within the broadcast, satellite, and telco markets, including SNG, local cable distribution, direct-to-home, IP trunking and backhaul, teleport, remote location, and more. 28 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 87 MARCH 2014