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Now it’s easy to add SD, HD and Ultra HD waveform monitoring to your studio! Add accurate and professional rack mount waveform monitoring to your studio! SmartScope Duo 4K includes dual independent screens so it’s two video and waveform monitors in one! You get seven different types of scope for measuring all aspects of a broadcast video signal including waveform, vectorscope, RGB parade, YUV parade, histogram, audio phase display, 16 channel audio level meters plus picture view! Work in SD, HD or Ultra HD and always get the technical accuracy broadcast engineers demand! Broadcast Accurate You get a wide range of the most popular waveform displays available. The waveform display shows you the luminance brightness in your video, the vectorscope shows you a color plot of the various colors in your video, the RGB parade shows color balance and illegal video levels, the histogram shows the distribution of pixel brightness in your video and clipping and the audio scope lets you check audio phase and levels! Eliminate Technical Errors Only professional waveform monitoring allows you to keep track of your video and audio quality at all times and is the only way to ensure your production meets all international standards. SmartScope Duo 4K can be installed in racks for general technical monitoring and quality control, as well as installed into desks for use during editing, mastering and color correction. Choose your Scope! SmartScope Duo 4K features two independent 8” LCD screens in a compact 3 rack unit size that you can instantly select between waveform, vectorscope, RGB parade, component parade, histogram, audio phase display, audio level meters or regular picture view! You can set each SmartScope Duo 4K screen to any combination of video monitor or waveform view and change between them at any time! *SRP is Exclusive of VAT Perfect SDI Video Monitoring Featuring 6G-SDI inputs, SmartScope Duo 4K is the perfect rack mount video monitor for SD, HD and Ultra HD! You can use it for general rack monitoring for broadcast, post production, live production camera monitoring, on set camera monitoring, flyaway kits, broadcast trucks and much more! SmartScope Duo 4K includes a built in Ethernet connection that allows all controls and scope settings to be changed centrally via the SmartView Utility even from a laptop! SmartScope Duo 4K Learn more today at 625 £