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The pioneering Comodo Orbit is the only rig designed to fulfil all the demands of 'single shot cinema' film- making while also being perfectly suitable for use as a conventional camera stabiliser too. Designed by Leonard Retel Helmrich, the multi-award winning director and guru of the Single Shot Cinema shooting technique and manufactured exclusively by Bowens, as part of the Comodo camera rig and grip range, this pioneering rig is designed for use with HD-DSLR cameras and camcorders. Orbit's patented twin grip stabilisation allows operators to move freely with the action, finessing the camera into places hitherto impossible with other support systems - thus enabling a true Single Shot Cinema experience. The twin-grips also reduce operator fatigue inherent with single grip stabilisers and, uniquely, enables the Orbit to be smoothly and easily passed across from one operator to the next, allowing the camera to appear to 'fly' through windows, doorways and other narrow spaces to achieve shots that previously could only have been partly replicated using cumbersome camera cranes with all their associated restrictions and time-consuming set-ups. Visit the Comodo/Limelite BVE stand (L06) for more information. ‘Leonard Retel Helmrich’s camera glides through spaces in a way that just seems impossible.’ Rob Moss, film lecturer at Harvard University V is it u s a t. .. COMODORIGS.COM