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NEWS BVE 2014 Aspen Media Stand K34 B VE visitors looking forward to embracing the Digital Production Partnerships new broadcast delivery standards in 2014 will be warmly welcomed on UK distributor Aspen Medias where tools to ensure programmes meet all the DPPs requirements will be demonstrated by Junger Audio and RTW. Both Junger Audio and RTW have played a significant part in the smooth transition to the new loudness regimes where they have been implemented in Europe and the USA. Stand C01 PAG T he very latest intelligent battery technology from PAG can be seen in action at BVE. PAG, the camera power and lighting specialist, will be demonstrating its latest solutions for a wide range of cameras and equipment by powering Polecams and Steadicams at Londons premier broadcast and production technology event. You will be able to speak to broadcast professionals, who use the PAGlink system, to fi nd out how it meets their portable power demands. PAG Sales Director Nigel Gardiner says “PAGlink offers more technological advances, more power and more outputs than any other battery system. It comprises smaller and lighter V-Mount Li-Ion batteries, that can be linked to provide a continuous output of 12A, ideal for cameras and accessories. Using two batteries linked creates a 192 watt-hour power source, and gives a longer run-time than using individual 96Wh batteries consecutively. The UN certifi ed packs are also totally fl ight- friendly, allowing you to fl y legally with all the high-capacity power you need”. Junger Audio’s Anthony Wilkins will introduce the T*AP Edition, an advanced audio processor that intelligently solves the problem of loudness changes without adding any undesirable audio artefacts. The TAP offers optional Dolby® metadata control plus downmixing and upmixing. The Junger Audio D*AP8 MAP Edition combines a loudness measurement system with an audio monitoring controller and checks audio for EBU R128 compliance while generating alerts if pre-set loudness thresholds are exceeded. A removable front panel is available for ease of remote control of up to 4 devices. | Stand F32 Sony S ony has announced new lightweight and slim Full High Definition (Full HD) multi-format LCD monitors, adding to its comprehensive range of professional and industrial LCD monitors. The new models consist of the LMD-A240 (24-inch, 1920x1200), the LMD-A220 (22-inch, 1920x1080), and the LMD-A170 (17-inch, 1920x1080). These LMD-A series monitors were developed as part of a broader redesigning of Sony's professional monitor line-up to become lighter and slimmer in build, and follow the November 2013 release of the company's PVM-A series TRIMASTER EL professional OLED monitors. Searching? broadcast cameraman Search with full details of hundreds of GTC accredited Camera Operators, Lighting Cameramen, DoPs and specialist cameramen, why go anywhere else?