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working. Working with high resolution rushes via AMA with no desire to transcode on personal laptops is the road to hell. “students facing higher fees will obviously demand the best and latest kit, but the irony is that many video professionals are still using tape for all sorts of reasons, and importantly it isn’t a dead format yet. By next year our students will not ingest via any tape deck, and this will be a potential loss to their learning” From an educational perspective it is all focused towards students getting the job, and making that connection with an industry that wants trust and understanding. The biggest mistake educators can make is to not teach a difficult process because it might be unpopular. If this is the battle, the victory will come from real learning, and seeing moments of actual learning happen makes it all worthwhile. Any teacher that has witnessed that instance of the ‘penny dropping’ will tell you of an amazing sight, where they have experienced a moment where understanding suddenly exists, replacing uncertainty or confusion. So some positive thoughts coming from education, but more industry help and support is always welcome. Students need to hear about the involved ways of The battle within the video classroom will no-doubt rage on. Some days result in an advance, and some days have casualties. The ‘crib sheet’ approach to get students to follow parrot-fashion is not really that useful. Learning happens where there is real engagement. Learning happens in environments that dare to challenge. Learning can be messy, but as long as it is known that neither teacher, support staff or student is going to give up, all will work out fine. If there is a battle, lecturers and support staff at the University of Portsmouth are facing the challenges head-on. To charge at these issues without excellent support staff is suicidal. So teachers, dig in, and industry, please fly in supplies and give moral. If education looks a little battle weary, don’t worry about us, it’s just a scratch... AFFORDABLE QUALITY *10% ff ti . b a y 28 h wi h V .. . . 1333 Innovative, high quality, affordable camera rigs and accessories *Valid for , KAMERAR, MOGOPOD brands and any associated . Customers must be logged onto the site to use the voucher code. Also valid in store and for phone orders. 10% off e xcludes VAT and delivery charge. CAGEPRO - Powered cage system for GoPro Hero Cameras ...................................... TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 85 JANUARY 2014 | 53