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Levelling head system for Polecam P edestal Televisions engineering brand, Bosher is proud to announce the arrival of the new Bosher levelling system for Polecam, the highly regarded single operator lightweight camera jib. The Bosher Levelling Head BH-02 is a bespoke tripod head levelling system built for Polecam owner operators, engineered to the highest levels by fi lm and broadcast industry-acclaimed Les & Chris Bosher. The precise engineering of the Bosher Head provides outstanding performance, the fi ne friction adjustments allowing the operator to fi ne tune the rigs movement precisely. The Polecam pan & tilt head is re-attached to the front of the rig by a bespoke quick release clamp and is levelled by a simple cable. This maintains a level horizon during even the quickest moves, and enhances stability in windy conditions and also when using the Polecam head underwater via the FishFace system. Expanding production operation S IS LIVE has installed a fully-integrated communications platform with Clear-Com® intercom systems in its new headquarters in MediaCityUK, facility in Milton Keynes and two new hybrid broadcast vans. The solution was supplied by Tyrell, Clear-Coms U.K. distributor for the broadcast market. SIS LIVE, Europe’s largest outside broadcast and satellite uplink provider, installed an Eclipse HX-Omega Digital Matrix at its new MediaCityUK site and an Eclipse HX-Median Digital Matrix at its Milton Keynes facility. Both digital matrix systems are connected over an IP trunking link via E1 card. The Eclipse HX matrices control the communications setup and link all the Clear-Com Eclipse V-Series Rotary key panels via the Optocore/BroaMan network. The scalable and fl exible Optocore/BroaMan solution facilitates audio and data transport over a reliable fi bre connection with almost zero latency across long distances. In addition, FreeSpeak Digital Wireless beltpacks are seamlessly integrated to the matrices at the MediaCityUK facility to enable communications between roaming users and fi xed location employees that are utilizing the V-Series Rotary panels at both sites. 26 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 85 JANUARY 2014 New Year brings new developments 2 014 will see a raft of new developments from German manufacturer RTW for its TouchMonitor range of audio metering and monitoring products designed for broadcast, production, post production and quality control. Following the recent release of the DPP’s recommendations that UK audio should be compliant to the EBU R128 Audio Loudness specifi cation by October 2014, demonstrating compliance will be essential and the fi rst of RTW’s developments, the Loudness Quality Logger, addresses this problem. LQL is a software module for loudness logging, true peak data analysis and reporting for the TM9, TM7 and TMR7 meters. Data from an LQL enabled TouchMonitor will be delivered via an IP connection to a PC installed with RTWs free downloadable software where the loudness information will be logged and stored. R128 compliant loudness metering tools currently available for the TouchMonitor series include loudness and SPL display, loudness range (LRA), true peak, moving coil and a loudness radar display. RTW is releasing a Timecode Reader module to decode and display SDI-embedded or LTC timecode. In addition, the Timecode Reader is available for the LQL logging application. The third innovation is a 16 channel AES3 I/O interface for the TouchMonitor TM7 for all digital environments. All of these developments can be seen on UK distributor Aspen Medias stand K34 at BVE 25th to 27th February at Excel London.