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OVERCOMING THE CHALLENGES Challenges fell primarily into two categories: those related to the broader 4K/HEVC ecosystem and those associated with availability of 4K/HEVC-ready technology solutions. “K-Opticom was proud to help make history with the world’s first real-time 4K HEVC transmission. The stream looked stunning with clear, reliable and very detailed output on Sony 4K televisions,” said Mr. Takao Fujino, President of K-Opticom. “Together, the advanced K-OPT optical fiber network and Elemental’s video processing proved real-time 4K HEVC transmission is now a reality.” K-OPT together with Elemental overcame these challenges to create a cohesive workfl ow with reliable delivery and high-quality output. Prior to the real-time 4K/HEVC transmission of the Osaka 2013 Marathon, live 4K encoding in the new HEVC standard had been regarded as a very tough challenge given its complexity. With its powerful software-based architecture and unique approach to leveraging high- performance hardware, Elemental proved that real-time 4K/HEVC is now a technical reality. Elemental, which is the only video processing vendor offering real-time 4K/HEVC encoding, bridged a major gap in the ecosystem with its ability to reliably deliver 4K content in real-time at high quality. The company also identifi ed a suitable 4K/HEVC-ready PC-based decoder to support the real-time transmission. Royalty Free Music Christmas Sale 15% OFF CDs/CD downloads 25% OFF 3 OR MORE Promo Code AKMSANTA13 TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 84 DECEMBER 2013 | 63