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new technologies ahead of the system designer. The OmniTek Ultra 4K Tool Box Ultra 4K Tool Box is the company’s fi rst product supporting 4K video. It is designed by video engineers for video engineers and it is designed to allow manufacturers, broadcaster and systems integrators of all types to build, test and commission 4K products and systems by providing multiple options for analysis and image processing of Ultra HDTV and Digital Cinema signals in all current and anticipated 4K video formats up to 4096 x 2160/60p. The OmniTek Ultra 4K Tool Box OmniTek’s new combined 4K Analyser, 4K Image Converter and 4K Generator The Tool Box is based around the company’s new OZ745 video development platform and it offers a wide range of connection formats, together with two USB 2.0 ports for control and a 1G Ethernet port for graphical display in a browser, SNMP control etc. It has 4 bi-directional multi- rate SDI I/O connections; an additional multi-rate SDI input for Eye and Jitter monitoring; a composite input; an HDMI 1.4a input and output pair; dual 6G-SDI inputs, dual 6G-SDI outputs and Display Port 1.2 in and out connectors for 4K/60Hz I/O. The Ultra 4K Tool Box can be set up to act as a 4K Analyser or as 4K Image Format Converter or a 4K Generator as required. When operating an analyser, it offers (for any of its inputs) image display, video status monitoring; video timing measurement, and pixel data display (including expanded ANCs). It also offers highly accurate eye and jitter analysis that will enable the source of any signal errors to be rapidly located across the full range of SDI signals from SD to 6G – an industry fi rst. When operating as an image converter, it offers up, down & cross conversion across all supported formats, de-interlacing (including full motion-adaptive diagonal processing), 6-axis colour correction (YUV and RGB), user-controlled Pan & Scan, and dynamic Crop & Zoom which in turn allows real-time 4K DVE. When operating as a generator, it supports moving test Example screen display from the OmniTek Ultra 4K Tool Box patterns such as zoneplates and composited images with moving video elements. It can also both play-out and capture uncompressed video and – importantly for testing – can insert jitter into its SDI video streams, with jitter amplitude, frequency and waveform profi le all under user control. The Ultra Tool Box also benefi ts from the inclusion of an SFP+ cage which will allow high-speed interconnections such as fi bre and 10G Ethernet to be supported in the future. Looking ahead Whatever improvements happen to television in the future, you can confi dently predict that it is going to be faster in one way or another, which in the end means a higher data rate, whether that be single-stream or multi-stream, electrical or optical, packet-based or direct. OmniTek has many years of experience both in developing its own Video Test & Measurement systems and in designing products for other manufacturers. We like to think that OmniTek’s exposure to the cutting-edge design requirements of its consultancy clients puts it in an unchallenged position to develop leading edge, high speed video processing systems not just for Ultra Hi-Def but for whatever future video standards are introduced. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 84 DECEMBER 2013 | 61