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Video Platform includes an easy-to-use central management console that defi nes and manages all service attributes from content availability, rights management, metadata, security, monetization options, user profi les, devices, and much more. The OTTilus Video Platform supports streaming, progressive download, and “download to own” in all major streaming formats. The OTTilus product suite provides a compelling platform for media companies large or small, looking to either expand their backend management capabilities with a feature-rich advanced service manager or cost-effectively deliver OTT services as a pre-integrated end-to-end solution. By leveraging Pilat Media’s outstanding experience and expertise in TV Everywhere solutions, OTTilus solutions can provide a smooth and profi table path to introducing, delivering, and managing OTT services. Bob Lamb is managing director of OTTILUS, a Pilat Media company delivering a business integrated end-to-end OTT management platform for live, catchup, and VOD content. Prior to joining OTTILUS, Bob was product director and CTO of Aquila, where he was responsible for all software-based functions related to the company’s fi nancial services offerings. Previously, he co-founded Pilat Media and helped to grow the company to become the market leader in business management systems for media and entertainment companies. At Pilat Media, Bob was the chief architect of the company’s media and entertainment solutions and was the key driver for all aspects of the business, from business development to product design and customer/client relations. He holds a fi rst class engineering degree from the University of Strathclyde. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 84 DECEMBER 2013 | 57