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The ready-to-go DIT kit DIT agency 4K London offer a wide range of equipment for rent, from laptops to fully loaded DIT carts. One option is the company’s ‘On Set Colour Management Kits.’ The Truelight-based package consists of: two TVLogic XVM 24-inch Grade 1 monitors; two Leader 5380 waveform monitors; four IDX V- Lock batteries; two Blackmagic Design HD Link Pro LUT boxes; a 15- inch or 17-inch Apple MacBook Pro; and a custom DIT cart (including UPS, smart video hub, patch panel, and Ethernet hub, cabling, mounts, cases and accessories). The package also includes Blackout Tent, Looms and Drums. In a similar way, Digital Orchard offers what it calls its ‘OnSet DIT Station Digital Lab’. This option is for doing one light grades and for the creation and application of LUTs but also facilitates backups, transcoding, onset download and onset QC. Built around Assimilate’s Scratch, it can accommodate Red Rocket cards, Codex transfer docks, LTO decks and fi bre or SAS RAID storage. The DIT station in a flight case If you’re looking for something so mobile that you can take in on a place and store it in an overhead locker, DIT Station’s Rogue4 may be up your street. Designed for data management, LUTs, onset colour correction and dailies, it costs about £6000 (not including the laptop) to buy and comes in a military-grade resin fl ight case. The Rogue 4 is built around Thunderbolt connectivity to offer workstation quality in a notebook size and form factor and uses Sonnet’s Echo Express expansion chassis to provide four PCIe slots for things like Red Rocket cards and up to 12TB of RAID storage. Files can be ingested from SxS cards, REDMAG SSDs, SD and CompactFlash while other features include a Wi-Fi router and an iPad mount. If you’re looking to hire, rather than buy something like this then Glasgow-based Futurist Digital has a mobile DIT “Shadow” case. A camera agnostic option, capable of handling Red, Alexa, Sony F65, Canon C300 and more, this option allows for digital negative offl oading and checking, audio sync, backups, LUTs, transcoding and deliverables. Based around a portable Peli case the kit is made up of a MacBook Pro with a 15-inch Retina screen, 8TB of internal RAID storage, a RED Rocket card, outputs to eSATA, Thunderbolt and USB3 and readers for SxS, RED, SSD, CF and SRMemory cards. Like the Rogue4 it is suitable as carry-on fl ight luggage. The DIT suite on wheels Options for DITs don’t end at fl ight cases or carts. Now, thanks to engineering ingenuity, commercial vehicles can be kitted out as mobile DIT suites too. Alongside its inventory of DIT carts and data wrangling equipment, Coach House Studios, now based at Twickenham Studios, currently hires out two DIT vans for doing on-set deliverables, transcoding, media management, grading and assembly editing. Independent, uninterruptable power is crucial. As such, both vans can be powered from the mains or make use of on-board generators. Importantly, they also have large battery packs attached to the UPS that stabilises the supply. This all means the vans can run for several hours on battery power alone, which is crucial if silent operation is required (as it often is on set). Highly specced workstations form the backbone of these customizable vans with Hewlett Packard Z820s and Z800s the norm. For grading and colour correction they can be fi tted with Da Vinci Resolve or Assimilate Scratch. A colour accurate Sony Trimaster monitor can also be included plus plenty of RAID storage connected by 10Gb Ethernet. Various communications options are available as is air-con and heating. Coach House Studios is not the only company to offer DIT vehicles. Bristol-based Non-Linear Evolution has its ‘DIT Van Lab’, a converted Volkswagen long wheelbase Transporter that can be used for data wrangling, transcoding, editing and grading. As with the Coach House offering, power supply is crucial. The Non-Linear Evolution vehicle can power a laptop and external hard drives for a full day - or a Mac Pro and display and several external hard drives for up to four hours - without having to use external power.