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WORLD NEWS Helimedia reaches new heights F ounded in 2007 by Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Skip Margetts, Helimedia caters to the aerial filming needs of clients across Southern Africa working in live-event broadcast, film, television and advertising. To complete each aerial production, Helimedia’s two-man team counts on a strong pool of freelance talent and an arsenal of specialized filming equipment – including two AJA Ki Pro digital video recorders and a newly added AJA Ki Pro Quad supporting 4:4:4 HD/2K and UHD/4K workflows. Helimedia fi rst began using Ki Pro in 2010, as it became the fi rst company to provide aerial fi lming services for the Football World Cup in South Africa. Deploying two Ki Pros, Margetts and his crew recorded warm-up footage in Apple ProRes 422 from World Cup soccer matches across Southern Africa. “From the moment we bought the Ki Pros, I was in love with them. They allowed us to turn around footage for editing and worldwide distribution almost instantly – something we’d never been able to do before. They’re phenomenal and have revolutionized our approach to fi lming,” expressed Margetts. Over the next few years, as camera technology evolved, Margetts saw the integration of ProRes 444 recording into Helimedia’s workfl ow as a natural progression and began the search for a capable and compatible recorder. After seeing AJA’s Ki Pro Quad at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention (NAB) 2012, Margetts was confi dent he’d found the solution he was looking for. “When I saw a mockup of Ki Pro Quad, I wanted one – even though it wasn’t available yet and there were already other 4:4:4 recorders on the market. I knew it would be worth the wait, and I was right,” he said. Since integrating Ki Pro Quad into its workfl ow this year, Helimedia has used the recorder to produce aerial footage in ProRes 444 for live events across the country – from road races to rugby matches, soccer games and more – as well as for forthcoming fi lms like Neill Blomkamp’s CHAPPIE. “The Ki Pro Quad is like my Amex; I don’t go anywhere without it. Even if we’re shooting 422 on our Ki Pros, I’ll have a Ki Pro Quad as backup for double redundancy,” Margetts shared. “It’s a fl exible device and the quality of the footage is always great. With the rollover it gives us, the sky is the limit, so there’s never a concern about running out of drive space.” 30 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 84 DECEMBER 2013 Stadium discovers networked freedom L iberty Stadium, home to both Swansea City Premier League football club (‘the Swans’) and ‘the Ospreys’ RFU club, has become the first English Premier League Football ground to install a Q-Sys audio management system from QSC throughout their arena. The new system was chosen to provide networked monitoring and control of the existing PA loudspeakers, amplification, monitoring and Voice Alarm systems at the stadium, and required the addition of a new fire-rated fibre-optic backbone and network switches, all of which were installed during the upgrade. Shure Distribution UK, exclusive distributor of QSC and Q-Sys products in the UK and Ireland, supplied the Q-Sys hardware, which comprised two Core 250i compact integrated processors, six I/O Frame interfaces (two master interfaces in the control room, plus one at each of the main four seating stands at the stadium), and several audio input and output cards. Fault reporting now passes from the existing monitoring equipment into Q-Sys, which may be controlled and monitored remotely via the fi bre network. The messages are routed to a touchscreen paging station in the control room on site, from which the whole system can be monitored and controlled. Pre-recorded PA/ Voice Alarm messages are also stored in the touchscreen controller and may be sent via the network to the PA with a few swipes of the screen.