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We have also developed a system for commentators allowing them to switch between pistes in order to comment on only one piste at a time. This way viewer can for example watch the A piste streaming without being interrupted by commentary regarding piste B. After the success of our new system this season, we now have an overbooked calendar for the next one!” Implemented at the start of the fencing season, the VS/Wirecast solution has been used for many events to date. The International Challenge of Paris in January 2013 attracted 67,424 online viewers. Another important event streamed lived was the World Championships in Budapest in August. prior to a fencing competition is tight so we generally have to install 4500 kg of equipment in a single day. The streaming system is just a small part of all that gear, but we need it be reliable, and easy to get up and running. As far as we’re concerned the Matrox VS4 system is THE product for our live streaming production needs.” See highlights of recent competitions on YouTube. KABCOM sometimes covers two fencing competitions concurrently so they maintain two streaming systems, both rack-mounted. “Customer satisfaction is a key factor in our business, but flexibility and the ability to work in good conditions are also very important. The setup timeframe Media Asset Management Suitcase TV We make a difference TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 83 NOVEMBER 2013 | 61