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@broadcastshow grabbed my attention. As a self-professed nerd for camera restoration and renovation, it was great to see the work that TLS Optics are doing on rehousing the definitive Cooke Panchros lens. Although the company proved their ability in lens and film repair amongst other things, it was this innovative niche that caught my eye. We were also attracted to Atomos’ corner where, taking pride of place, was their very accomplished Samurai Blade, for the gadget loving broadcaster. Imagine a lightweight monitor that sits on your camera, records up to a terabyte of footage straight from your sensor, considers your encoding needs for post- production, requires hardly any battery life, and is touchscreen - and you’ve got a mild summary of what this powerful little machine can do. I can only imagine its name was inspired by its ability to cut through a filmmaker’s workflow with steely precision. Lastly, the display we were possibly looking forward to the most - Blackmagic Design. The masses seemed to flock to get a closer look at Blackmagic’s slick new, originally designed cinema camera, and rightly so. However, it was the all-powerful, relatively moderately priced, new 4K ATEM Production Studio that had our pulse racing. Whilst at LSUTV we invested in the ATEM broadcast panel, and alongside their SDI/ HDMI convertors, we had all we wanted for a live broadcast thanks to Blackmagic and their competitive prices. So the possibility of 4K soon REGISTRATION NOW OPEN 38 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 83 NOVEMBER 2013