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@broadcastshow University’s LSUTV, it was great to be able to chat one-to-one to the various producers and manufacturers whose products have helped our media centre to thrive. Having recently graduated, I haven’t yet had much need for trade shows, mainly because the jealously at not being able to afford the array of incredible equipment would’ve overshadowed my enjoyment. However, tv-bay’s show certainly made me excited to see more. I found out about the BroadcastShow Tour through a friend who is currently in the thick of student media, and so he couldn’t wait to get acquainted with the technology that would help his station in the competitively progressive arm of the industry. Both of us, alongside other media-crazed graduates, have recently kickstarted our own website (www. giving first-hand advice to people trying to break into the industry. We knew by attending the BroadcastShow Tour we’d have plenty to report back to our readers about, not least the knowledge gained from Philip Bloom whose own blog has helped us on our journey into the industry. Other than getting the chance to try out Gearhouse Broadcasts’ display of mammoth broadcast cameras, a few products really TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 83 NOVEMBER 2013 | 37