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WORLD NEWS New V-Lok adaptor for the Canon EOS C500 H awk-Woods have added the new VL-C500 to their range of Canon EOS V-Lok ‘Stand-Alone’ adaptors. Capable of supplying the higher power demand for Canon’s C500; the VL- C500 also provides 5 Power-Con (aka D-Tap) outputs which are regulated to 12 Volts for powering additional items such as on-board lighting, wireless receivers and recorders. The VL-C500 comes with a built-in battery ‘fuel-gauge’, on/off switch and several fixing points allowing the adaptor to be mounted to brackets such as Hawk-Woods’ own DC-15A or DC-19A rod clamp & mounting kits and is compatible with all V-Lok/V- Mount batteries. Durable construction and simplicity of use make the VL- C500 a dependable adaptor for users who need extended runtimes without compromising the camera’s mobility. The VL-C500’s flying lead simply connects to the camera’s DC input and it is ready for use. 34 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 83 NOVEMBER 2013 ‘Release the Hounds’ including a Camera Corps Q-Ball head concealed in the scarecrow head at lower left, plus an undisguised Q-Ball. Fright night excitement Q -Ball and MiniZoom remotely controlled equipment from Camera Corps were used with great success in a new one-hour-format television show broadcast by UK TV on Halloween. It is also now viewable on YouTube. ‘Release the Hounds’ combines horror and humour with scream-out-loud moments. The UK version is hosted by television and radio presenter Reggie Yates. “Shooting took place in Hertfordshire,” explains Fran Peters, Head of Production at Gogglebox. “The location is surrounded by forest which provided an ideal venue for the required atmosphere. Our challenge was to conceal robotic cameras which would capture the excitement from a wide range of positions, including close- ups, follow-shots and wide-angle views, without cameras or camera operators intruding into view.” “The Camera Corps Q-Ball heads proved the perfect solution. The spherical shape allowed us to place individual Q-Ball cameras inside scarecrow heads which could rotate horizontally and vertically to track the action. Others were concealed to capture images from unusual angles. The Q-Balls are very easy to mount and allow simple plug-and- play connection to our production system. This saved a lot of time in rigging for multiple locations.” “The Q-Balls also have the huge advantage that they can be used at night under infra-red illumination which enables the viewing audience to see much more clearly than the contestants. The MiniZooms were used as stationary cameras, hidden in various parts of the forest.” ‘Release the Hounds’ is currently viewable on itvplayer/release-the-hounds