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WORLD NEWS Some girls prefer Anton Bauer batteries A nton/Bauer® continues to be the battery of choice for the latest generation of up-and-coming cinematographers. Case in point when it came to selecting batteries for her latest film, cinematographer Rachel Morrison showed no hesitation in utilizing Anton/Bauer products to fuel the production of, Some Girl(s), starring Kristen Bell and Adam Brody. “Using Anton/Bauer batteries is like buying good glass [lenses]” says Morrison, who employed Anton/Bauers HyTRON® 140 batteries to power her cameras on the Some Girl(s) shoot. “Although the cameras and the technology surrounding them are changing rapidly, I can always fall back on Anton/Bauer batteries, as they stay compatible with the current technology and are the gold standard.” CH5 commits after test run Forbidden Technologies plc has announced that British broadcaster Channel 5 has purchased a FORscene server after a six-month trial. Despite the fact that FORscene was introduced in the middle of test-case production cycles and that staff received no formal training, Channel 5 was impressed with the workflow efficiencies FORscene offered during the trial. The system proved especially valuable as a logging and rough-cut tool on “Go Hard or Go Home,” where it replaced tape and paper-based logging. Staff involved in the testing phase requested that FORscene be included in the plans for future productions - influencing the executive decision to purchase. TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 83 NOVEMBER 2013 | 15